R.I.P. Jose Lima

R.I.P. Jose Lima.

No, I don’t usually talk sports here, but as a lifelong Astros fan I was shocked and saddened to hear that he died this weekend – and only 37! Lima was an average major league pitcher who had one spectacular year for the team, but it was what he did outside the lines that struck me.

The dude loved the game, but he loved the fans more, and I’ve rarely seen a professional athlete light up a kid’s face like Lima Time could. He made my kids feel like they were the most important people in the world. Everyone reminiscing about him are centering on the same thing – he milked every day for everything it was worth.

I think the ideal game for Lima would have been the ability to simultaneously pitch the game and sit in the stands with the fans, cheering and high-fiving and just having fun. I don’t know what happens when we die – and after last night’s Lost finale I’m even more confused – but wherever he is now, there’s a party going on.

Some people light up a room. Lima lit up a ballpark.

R.I.P., Lima Time.


Living is easy with eyes closed

I am still trying to digest the finale of Lost from last night. People seem to love it or hate it with very little middle ground. I’m disappointed that so much of the mythology seemed to go out with the bathwater – maybe down that mystical island drain – to reward those who wanted the feel-good ending for their characters.

There was some great action and some surprising moments, and as always, a healthy dose of humor. But parts of the very end seemed like a wrap party in character. And there are already people violently disagreeing with the final images over the closing credits. And of course, Darlton aren’t talking.

Hey, at least they didn’t fade to black. My thoughts on this soon.


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2 responses to “R.I.P. Jose Lima

  1. mikegreenstein

    So glad you e-mailed me and hooked me into your blog, Dr. B; I’ve been following ever since, and I welcome your sports commentary here, even if under such sad circumstances. I’ve always liked flamboyant players who entertained off the field as well as on it, and Lima did both.

    This season, it looks like the Astros and Mariners will battle it out for next year’s #1 pick. Did you get a chance to see Strasburg at Frontier Field?

  2. drbristol

    Professor Greenstein, always a pleasure! Hope you and yours are well.

    Unfortunately I missed Strasburg; the original date was rained out and I couldn’t make the game the next day. Looks like an incredible talent, though, with seemingly good mechanics and easy delivery (so you’re not thinking “one mound stumble away from arm injury”). Have to root for guys like that (Lincecum, Price, etc.) who are young and fearless and just go out and throw darts. Hopefully my boys get a good one in the draft. Losing Oswalt – if that does indeed happen – will be one of the darkest days in the team’s history.

    Lima story just another true tragedy in Houston pitching history though; like Don Wilson, Daryl Kile, J.R. Richard, etc. – guys whose careers and/or lives ended far too soon. Another reason to remember to take every day as a blessing and put your insignificant “problems” into perspective.

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