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New Album! Headslide

Sometimes you just need to rock.

Headslide is yet another band project that features Jeff Shelton, best known for his work with power poppers The Well Wishers and The Spinning Jennies. And while both those bands occasionally packed a little more punch than their contemporaries, Headslide adds a lot more crunch to the mix. It’s no accident that the cover image is a four-speaker tube amp.

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Singer Scott Haney takes the lead here, writing all but one track and topping the mix with chunking rhythm guitar. The songs are short and punchy, instantly toe-tapping. My favorites are heavy-sounding “There Are Monsters” and the clever “MyNumber One” (which refers to both his desired relationship status and a hit single).

Like all of Shelton’s bands, there are echoes of classic rock and powerpop ringers like Cheap Trick, The Who, Superdrag, The Pixies, Supergrass, The Kinks and Sloan. “Figure It Out”, his sole contribution to the set list, is all that in a nutshell.

Watch The Video: “Figure It Out

A simple two-guitar, bass, drum lineup never gets old; here we have barroom rock in all its glory – pounding 4/4 beats, tight harmonies and short but stinging guitar solos. Headslide has only seven tracks but none are wasted; it’s also available at a very reasonable price. Visit their website for lists of (mostly West Coast) gigs and more information.

Listen to The Well Wishers and Spinning Jennies too!

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