The Meeting

I told him to do this years ago.

“Ed”, I said, “None of these songs are going to get on the radio. People who get to your shows understand what’s going on, but the newbies need to get the whole package. Even the ones loving the albums don’t know they’re missing half the fun because the live show is the whole package. You have to get a DVD together or have your manager harass HBO or Comedy Central until they cave. It’s like nothing anyone else is doing!”

But nooooo, Ed decided to just record one incredible album after another, put about a billion miles on his odometer, play anywhere from your living room to a stadium and win over the whole goddamned world one mind at a time. And then just for shits and giggles, to create a one man show (The Terrorism of Everyday Life) that’s won awards around the world and then start recording a new song every day just because he can.

Ed isn’t Big As Life, he’s bigger. And the fastest right hand in rock.

He did throw me a bone a couple of years back with Rant & Roll.

But now, finally, 2010 will see a formal documentary called The Meeting hit the streets. Filming continues (there’s a four-camera shoot this weekend at the Tin Angel in Philadelphia!) but you can get a little taste of it here:

Watch the trailer for The Meeting.

So I guess my work is done – Ed finally “gets it”. (You’re welcome, people.) I now breathlessly await its completion and my certain to be meaningless Executive Producer credit.

But I’ll settle for a face solo.

Visit Ed’s website and MySpace site



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4 responses to “The Meeting

  1. About bloody time. The Rant & Roll DVD was pretty lame. I don’t know why he didn’t do this years ago.

  2. Hey! I deserve to be at least a co-executive producer! You may be higher on the food chain, though–does he answer your e-mails?

  3. drbristol

    You can be Senior Executive Producer. (Or was that señor ?)

    Ed used to unplug his house phone and I suspect he’s figured out how to do the same with email. The only reliable way to contact him seems to be taping a note to his dashboard.

  4. drbristol

    Probably money and management. But he’s aligned with some great people, from Ani’s label to Bill Hicks’ former associates, and perhaps now the time (and the times) are right.

    I’m certainly not the first or the only one to ever give him that logical suggestion, but I’m glad he’s doing it. I still can’t believe no one thought of getting him an hour concert slot on pay cable…or a talk show.

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