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Happy Father’s Day!

Even for a young boy, It was a pretty sappy song.

Paul Petersen’s “My Dad” was actually a top ten hit in 1962, perhaps signalling the need for a bunch of bands from England to sail across The Great Pond and save us.

Petersen was a child actor on The Donna Reed Show and sang the song to his TV Dad, Carl Betz. “Cats In The Cradle” it wasn’t; Dads were revered, not questioned for their lapses in judgement. After all, as another famous show if the times said, Father Knows Best.

My own Dad was a lot like Ward Cleaver – even looked a bit like Hugh Beaumont. As for me, I was a hybrid of Beaver and Wally, with a good dose of Eddie Haskell thrown in. Still am. I was a handful.

Thanks, Dad. Amazing how you get smarter the older I get.

My Dad” (Paul Petersen)

He isn’t much in the eyes of the world
He’ll never make history
No, he isn’t much in the eyes of the world
But he is the world to me

My dad, now here is a man
To me he is everything strong
No, he can’t do wrong, my dad

My dad, now he understands
When I bring him troubles to share
Oh, he’s always there, my dad

When I was small I felt ten feet tall
When I walked by his side
And everyone would say “That’s his son”
And my heart would burst with pride

My dad, oh I love him so
And I only hope that some day
My own son will say
“My dad now here is a man”


For those looking for a more contemporary sentiment, John Hiatt also put it rather eloquently in his great song “Your Dad Did”:

“You’re a chip off the old block
Why does it come as such a shock
That every road up which you rock
Your dad already did”

Video: “Your Dad Did


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