Last Comic Standing – First Five

Last Comic Standing update – five comics move on to the semi-finals.

The first five winners are (in the order they were announced on TV) Felipe Esparza, Myq Kaplan, Rachel Feinstein, Mike DeStefano and Jonathan Thymius. I’d say the judges got it 80% correct. More in a moment.

I like the format of having the comics do a few minutes and then hearing some comments from the judges, even though it’s a tired gimmick used by American Idol ane every other reality competition. It affords the comedians on the panel the opportunity to be funny, although only Andy Kindler is taking advantage of it on a regular basis.

Greg Giraldo had a couple of zingers, but Natasha Leggero spends most of her time…um…just laughing. (Not that most comedy nerds watching from home wouldn’t want a hot girlfriend who laughs at jokes.) But the judges are overwhelmingly positive about everybody, which (1) doesn’t match their facial reactions during the performances and (2) is boring and pointless, and hopefully not supposed to create suspense.

Clear winners for the evening? Myq Kaplan and Mike DeStefano, head and shoulders above everyone else. Both have excellent material, command the stage and have perfect delivery. Thymius is an unpredictable oddball (think a disoriented George Goebel), and although Feinstein is pretty funny I think her obvious sex appeal is contributing to her success.

Lucky finalist? Felipe Esparza, who only had one good joke (his closer) and then blew the timing on the best line, his last. I didn’t think he was in the top half, let alone the top five.

Who would I have put in the fifth slot? Likely Chip Pope, whose solid routine probably gets the nod over Ryan Hamilton (best physical presence of the night, could have tightened up the story) and Adrienne Iapalucci (funny in spots but milked the same material bone dry).

Interesting to watch a couple of the comics go for one extended character piece, but it usually cost them – none more so than Lil’ Rel whose five minutes seemed to be only an introduction to a far longer routine. Next week the other five will be selected, and then the real fun starts.

Last Comic Standing


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5 responses to “Last Comic Standing – First Five

  1. I agree with most of what you had to say. Natasha Leggero is one of the most annoying things that I have ever been subjected to in my life. For somebody who is judging a comedy contest she seems to be almost completely humorless. I don’t usually say sexist things but in her case I must: she has to be sleeping with somebody to get on television because she seems to be devoid of talent.

    As for the top 5 comedians…I really thought Felipe was funny. He was one of my picks to go to the finals. I think his oddball delivery and timing is part of what makes him funny. Same with Thymius – I really liked him from the start. We will have to see where he takes it and how long he can sustain interest in his “character” though. But so far he has really made me laugh. Hell, just the look he has on his face when he comes on stage is funny!

    I was surprised to see Rachel Feinstein make it into the finals. She wasn’t nearly as funny as the black woman who talked about living in her mom’s basement, or the woman who did the jokes about being a nanny (sorry, can’t remember their names). She must have been the producer’s choice.

  2. I forgot to mention….

    I really thought Lil’ Rel was funny. Its unfortunate the he didn’t get a chance to show more of his stuff. I think he will be one comedian to keep on eye on. Same for Kirk Fox.

  3. drbristol

    Steven…Rachel might be the Iliza Shlesinger of this group, (who won, as did Dat Phan, so you have to take “winner” with a grain of salt). I think Lil’ Rel was okay, but because of his choices he basiclly built up to one of two laughs…I would have liked to see where that was going but the abbreviated version doesn’t fit the hit-and-run style of the show.

    Agree on Kirk Fox – he’s one of my favorites. Has a great CCP episode and is hilarious on Parks & Recreation in a recurring bit part.

    Felipe strikes me as this year’s Jay London – the funny oddball guy – where Thymius is this year’s Jim Wiggins (and that’s a good thing). I’m not sold on Felipe yet, but Thymius kills me.

    I’ve never seen Leggero do anything except short bits on Chelsea Lately, so hopefully she’s there for more than eye candy. But if she’s going to laugh at everything, turn her mic down.

  4. Is it just me or did it seem that 80% of last night’s finalists were producers choices? I can’t think of the names of the particular comics, but the one that did the Tiger Wood’s material, and the buff, Italian, cop-looking guy, KILLED and didn’t move on. I really thought they were shoeins! I really thought that Fortune Feimster would have moved on too. She is incredibly funny.

    The great thing about last night’s episode – it appears that the judges and contestants are all openly mocking Natasha now. She looks like a bigger schmuck with each passing episode.

  5. drbristol

    The “Tiger Woods guy” was Kurt Metzger, and he got ROBBED…along with Wood I thought he was the funniest comic of the night. But my “next five” post later today will elaborate on that.

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