Last Comic Standing: Really?


I may have seriously misjudged you, America. 

Lo and behold, when the whittling came down to the final two last night – one of whom would be going home – I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Were they the two comics I would have axed? Absolutely. But I would have bet a serious sum of money that the two of them would have been in the final three vying for the title. America – and you long distance global people with too much spare time – take a bow. 

The format was a little different this time; instead of handing out the walking papers immediately, they kept saving comics one by one until the final death knell at the fifty minute mark. Of course, in reality (pun fully intended) the announcements probably happened one after another at the top of the show. Ah, the magic of editing! Although they never said so, I wonder if the announcement order was from most votes to the least votes.? 

The other new twist was the insertion of a filmed vignette after the announcement and before each comic’s performance. These were pretty funny; in some cases better than the material that followed. My favorites were Jonathan Thymius running his sideline business “Comedy O’Gram“, Felipe Esparza’s barrio workout and Myq Kaplan’s clever song. You can find these at the Last Comic Standing website and/or Hulu

After last night I am befuddled as to who gets axed next. I thought Thymius was pretty weak the prior show and he might have topped the vote totals.

Some thoughts: 

Rachel Feinstein being eliminated means no more women left in the competition. Really, LCS? 

Thymius wobbled but had one great line about not wanting to be a cowboy because he didn’t want to get milked every morning. Cow. Boy. You didn’t get that joke, Natasha Leggero? Really

Roy Wood Jr., your M.O. every week is going to continue to be describing an idiot you run into and then dressing the imaginary dude down? Really

Mike DeStefano, you spent the first half of your set pretty mush telling a true story about being a recovering addict just to get the “heroin is like swimming in a pile of puppies” line in there? Really

Felipe Esparza, you continue to milk the racial humor, although I guess that’s a fact of life for an East L.A. guy. But going Mencia on us with the lazy Mexican jokes? Really

Tommy Johnagin, you risk comedy death each week with a cockier-than-thou line that offends people before saving yourself. Penis-popping? Really

Myq Kaplan…you slayed last night. I have nothing to add. (Really?) 

At least the judges started to show some spine last night, wondering aloud if Thymius was running dry or if Johnagin did his best set – although I thought DeStefanos’s set was his weakest to date and Greg Giraldo called it his tightest. Leggero continues to find ways to tell Thymius that he creeps her out, and I’m wondering if her backhanded compliment to Kaplan (saying he’d win if it was Last Comic Writing) means he’s toast in her mind. 

But for all my complaining, I’m getting to see Andy Kindler on television every week, and that’s a great thing. And Craig Robinson continues to redefine the host role with great quips, delivery and energy. 

If it were up to me I’d have Kaplan and Johnagin in a dead heat at the top and Esparza would take the next bus home.  But my prediction for next comic corpse is DeStefano. He repeated the Blackberry joke from the audition, and then when a long set piece wasn’t killing, repeated another (the “Tibet” joke). Did America notice? Will they punish him? I hope not, but I fear it’s true. Really

Surprise me, America. 

Bring it hard or America will take you down.



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2 responses to “Last Comic Standing: Really?

  1. I totally agree with you and Giraldo that it looks like my boy Jonathan Thymius is running out of steam. Its unfortunate because I think his “character” is brilliant. And Leggero’s not getting the cowboy joke just proves me correct and she’s a high functioning retard (which may be an insult to high functioning retards everywhere…sorry).

    I disagree with you on DeStefano – I thought he set last episode was kinda weak. This week I thought he was really funny. The punchline for the drug joke was “like being naked in a pool full of puppies” which I thought was darkly hilarious.

    I thought Roy Wood, Jr. killed this week too. Thinking back, he does seem to follow the formula that you mentioned, but he is consistantly really funny so I will let that go for now. I’m sure eventually it will get tired if it becomes noticable

    Felipe Esparza didn’t turn in his best set last night. I thought a couple of his “jokes” weren’t really jokes – not much of a punchline. I don’t mind the Mexican jokes. Afterall, he is Mexican. All of my favorite comedians talk about their lives and where they come from – its what he has to draw from. Marc Maron does jokes about being Jewish. Its the same thing to me.

    As for next week…I gotta say, sadly, that my boy Thymius will be the next one to get chopped. But I don’t think it will be the last thing we hear from him.

  2. drbristol

    I don’t disagree on DeStefano’s puppy/heroin line – the name of his website, by the way – but I thought he took a long tone to get there and then threw in a couple of “ringer” jokes when he thought the tangent was failing. Great jokes, mind you, but he’s already done them. That’s the reason I like Johnagin (consistently funny) and Myq (always tagging the earlier routines and seamlessly weaving it into his prepared set) the best.

    Wood is that .290 singles hitter – no homers but always making contact.

    I refuse to bet on Thymius’ fall from grace after the results of the last two weeks.

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