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December – Blog Snow and Recaps

You might have noticed a couple of subtle changes to the blog format today.

First, the overall theme was slightly revised to use a clearer, crisper font. I was perfectly happy with the old one, which has served me well for 698 daily posts. But WordPress was phasing it out and substituting this revised one effective today; since I didn’t see another I preferred, I figured I’d roll with the punches.

The second is a favorite of WordPress bloggers – snow! I’m also happy this is back, because with my border image it looks more like atomic fallout.

This is also the time where I start to circle back and look at some of the television shows, films, music and comedy releases that peppered 2010. My “best of” lists post in January, but I’ll try to use this month to call out several that were not specifically covered on the Prescription. Many times that third listen is the charm, and there is a pile to still wade through for the first time.

Hope you enjoy following along.

And Happy Birthday, Woody Allen!

Woody turns seventy-five today and is still going strong (two films in progress as we speak), although his recent track record can’t match profile of his majestic run in the 70s and 80s. But whose can? His work as a comedy writer alone makes him first-string on the all time team. Despite the oddities surrounding his personal life, he has to be rated as one of the greatest filmmakers in history.

Woody’s Wiki page  includes an interesting collaborator chart.

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