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Rube Goldberg, Pearl Harbor

Rube Goldberg ruled my childhood.

Goldberg, who died forty years ago today, was a cartoonist who was most famous for his elaborate engineering ideas that illustrated a complex way of performing a simple task. He was so inventive at this that his name became synonymous with anything where the effort far outweighed the result.

Government, anyone?

You’ve heard the phrase “build a better mouse trap”? Goldberg did.

I played that game incessantly as well as its follow-up, Crazy Clock.

As goofy as they were, they did cause you to think about things a different way. Perhaps that’s why Rube Goldberg competitions flourish to this day. And maybe why I am as odd as I am.

Today is also the “day that will live in infamy“… and so it shall here. I remember visiting the memorial in the early 80s and being stunned that oil is still leaking to the surface. The fact that the crowd was about sixty percent Japanese tourists with cameras was surreal. But I remember thinking that we were another generation past a brutal war in which both sides conducted ruthless and brutal attacks, and these were different times. But forgive  does not mean forget.

I salute my Dad and all others who served bravely in WWII.


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