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Stand Up With…Dan Bialek

Don’t be put off by the action figure on the album cover. Dan’s not going to light him on fire like most disturbed kids do. Nope…Dan is going to interview him.

This Will Not End Well is Dan Bialek’s first comedy album, self-released on 12 Shiny Nickels label (named after the weekly Los Angeles comedy show that he hosts). Dan’s humor is observational with a twisted edge and a knack for great similes, whether describing his wife’s inappropriate behavior in a dildo store (what – she didn’t get the manual?) or describing an obese bowling alley mama as looking like a spare tire wrapped in mayonnaise and bacon.

Observational can be bland (hey, airline food – what’s up with that?) or oddly disturbing, and Dan’s firmly in the latter camp. No, a rough day for him starts with bizarre sex noises from his neighbor’s window, accidentally copping a feel with his elbow in an elevator or discussing reverse cowboy positions with a priest during the pre-marital conference. Hyperactive and ranting, Dan looks at life as a struggle, but a fun struggle. The routine is fast paced, hit and miss, but there are several solid bits in the show (recorded in Hollywood last year).

And when I say manic and fast paced, I mean it – he motormouths like he’s on a Red Bull bender, and at the forty minute mark asks “how long have I been talking?” before a few self-deprecating jabs at his inability to shut up. And then he proceeds to speedball his way through some of the best material on the disc.

Video Clipsfat celebrities and gaming

Of course Dan is also a font of helpful information, like how to manipulate MySpace to become the top rated comedian…a feat he accomplished until he exposed the little secret and had his account cancelled. But his point is valid – support funny comics, not the ones who get (self) friended the most.

You can also follow this self-described idiot on Windshield Confessional, a blog that Dan records on his way to work. (This has apparently replaced his blog Dan Bialek Loves Kittens, which hasn’t had an entry since the Summer.) Dan’s casting a lot of nets right now; one of these projects is bound to catch fire and give him a major opportunity.

Dan Bialek’s website with links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Listen to clips here.


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