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Stand Up Wit…Jon Dore

You don't like fishing??

Jon Dore is one of the most out-there guys around. The Canadian comic’s name might not be on the lips of the general public, but his bold and absurd takes are flat-out hilarious. How many comics would risk digging themselves a deep hole on purpose just for the fun of climbing out of it, and then spending half the set going off on a tangent to cap it off with a sight-gag as a call back?

But that’s exactly what Jon Dore did when he was the first comic to guest star on Conan’s new show. I watched this again this morning and fell out of my chair again, so for the benefit of those of you who did not see it, here is his set from Conan on November 11th.

Jon also had his own self-titled show which ran on The Comedy Network for two years and then was rebroadcast on IFC in 2010. A mockumentary that takes the spirit of  Jason Lee’s quest in My Name Is Earl and turns it on its ear, Jon “fearlessly throws himself in the line-of-fire as he sets out to correct his faults and make all his “wrongs” right again.” through a series of interviews and crazy antics. What makes it hilarious is watching this normal looking guy torture himself (and others) by asking outrageous questions and setting himself up for disaster, all with a poker face.

Video: The STD Clinic

If you’re a Jon Dore fan, none of this is new to you but you’re probably smiling when you read this. And for those of you who were not familiar with Jon Dore?

You’re welcome.

IFC guide to The Jon Dore Television Show.

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