The DVD for the first season of Archer is here!

Welcome to the world of Sterling Archer, the cartoon intersection of Maxwell Smart and…probably Arrested Development‘s hapless Gob Bluth. Voiced by the wonderful H. Jon Benjamin, Archer drinks, swears and screws his way through the spy world much to the chagrin of everyone at ISIS, the international (lack of) intelligence agency where he works.

Where Man From U.N.C.L.E. poked fun at the James Bond legacy, Archer completely disembowels it. Sarcastic, rude and laugh-out-loud funny, Archer is all kinds of wrong and would probably be offensive in lesser hands, but the writing is so good that they get away with it.

Video: Archer Trailer

Archer boats great writing and pitch-perfect voice acting from the entire cast, which features Judy Greer, Chris Parnell, Aisha Tyler and Jessica Walter all but channeling her frustrated and sarcastic mother role from Arrested Development…as Archer’s mother and his boss.

I’ve seen the episodes on TV and was hoping for a wealth of bonus features on the DVD but it’s a pretty bare bones affair. All ten episodes are here, plus a few bonus clips and a “lost pilot” episode (don’t let anyone spoil that for you) plus promos episodes for two other FX series, The League and Louie.

But the price is low, and there are so many nested in-jokes and running gags that each episode demands multiple viewings. Normally I’d expect a show like this to air on Adult Swim, but FX has proven to be a daring channel in both comedy and drama. Season two starts January 27th, so get this and get caught up!

Archer official website at FX

Archer will shake you up *and* stir you up.


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2 responses to “Archer!

  1. It’s disappointing that there weren’t more extras on that DVD. I watched the “secret pilot,” and yes, haha, very funny–but not really worth the extra money. Unfortunately, I still love the show, so I’ll probably end up buying it anyway!

    P.S. I just reviewed the Season 2 finale here: Would love your thoughts!

  2. drbristol

    I’ve enjoyed this season a lot mostly for the reasons you point out – the time spent on the supporting characters. Wish there was more content on the DVD but it was dirt cheap, so for the price I can forgive the one lame joke. I know some people got seriously pissed off, but c’mon – you’re yelling at a cartoon?

    Also checked out your Inception review and I must echo the others…I like your theory but am amazed that you have not yet seen Memento or Fight Club. Both are great, but Memento is likely in my Top 10 of all time. And go get The Following while you are at it. Christopher Nolan is aces (as is his brother).

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