Thursday’s This ‘ n’ That

Thoughts on a snowy Thursday afternoon…

Who would have thought Charles Nelson Reilly and Rip Taylor were born on the same day, January 13th? Can you really put that much flamboyant wackiness on one single calendar date? Reilly left us a few years ago but Rip is still out there somewhere, no doubt throwing confetti

On this day in 1968, Johnny Cash performed at Folsom Prison and cemented his legend. What a man of many colors – contrast that guy with his later television show persona and then the last albums prior to his death. Truly a legend, and equally effective at both ends of his career. Early cash is pure gold, as are the Rick Rubin albums. The video for “Hurt still haunts me.

And a Happy Birthday also to Aussie singer/songwriter Paul Kelly, a real treasure and a legend in his homeland but vastly underrated in the States. I’ve always liked his work but admit that I don’t go to that well as often as I should, but that may have to change – I just discovered this!

Now back to that snow shovel


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  1. Bill Baldwin

    Brad & I got the 8cd set w/book through Amazon a few months ago. We had planned on getting it from Australia, but it was over $100, not that the price is that bad for what it is. Anyway, we hesitated…a few weeks later Amz listed it for preorder here for $21. We were sure it was a mistake, still ordered copies, figuring they would quickly fix their mistake (which they did…it’s now $87+). Yep, they honored our orders and sent them out!

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