New Album! Michael Monroe

Holy Crap! This puppy smokes.

If you like glam rock, you already know that singer Michael Monroe has A-list credentials. And when it comes to powering such a band, it doesn’t get much better than a band featuring Sami Yaffa on bass and both Ginger and Steve Conte on guitar. And while even I had to look up a guy called Karl Rockfist – because that’s just too great a last name for a drummer – I soon realized it was actually Karl Rosqvist, skin pounder for The Chelsea Smiles.

So if you think you’d like a band that combines Hanoi Rocks, The Dictators, The Wildhearts, The New York Dolls and The Sex Pistols, this one’s for you. and while the first album, the Jack Douglas produced Sensory Overdrive, isn’t out yet…Another Night In The Sun (Live In Helsinki) is. A combination of old favorites and covers, it kicks ass from the first note and proves that the band is as tight as it is talented. That might mean no Wildhearts or Dolls shows for a while, but I think we’ll survive.

“Me and the guys in the band decided to record a live album – something for the fans to have while they’re waiting for our actual studio album due to be release in the early part of (2011)…”

Video: “Nothin’s Alright”


We're coming to your town, we're gonna party it down




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2 responses to “New Album! Michael Monroe

  1. “That might mean no Wildhearts or Dolls shows for a while, but I think we’ll survive.”

    The Wildhearts are indeed on indefinite hiatus, but the Dolls have replaced both Conte and Yaffa (the former with former Blondie dude Frank Infante) and moved on. They have a new record coming out next month, which I’ve heard. It’s a lot more pop and a lot less rock. Coincidence? Doubt it.

    I saw the Monroe band at SXSW at the tiny Continental Club. They burned the place down. I’m really looking forward to both this and Sensory Overload.

  2. drbristol

    I thought Steve Comte was the perfect Dolls guitarist – Thunders without the death wish. But as we well know, it’s David’s band.

    Excited that they’re coming out with a new one – I hope there’s more Sylvain to it. Thanks for the tip – I’ll start digging!

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