Lonely Hearts for a Lonely Day

Valentine’s Day…for some, an occasion to hit the store for flowers, candy and cards and celebrate that special relationship over dinner (and hopefully some post-meal intimacy). For others, it’s a long and painful day where every turn reminds us that despite our best efforts, we are alone.

Music plays an important part in any emotional setting, of course, and for those celebrating their bliss there is a litany of sentimental songs to choose from. Most songs are about love, after all. But if you’re on the dark end of the street, songs are anything but celebratory. They become daggers plunging through your chest, each one seemingly so specific to your situation that it must have been written with you in mind.

All day long, commercial radio will no doubt fill your ears with the happy, peppy songs. Bloodshot Records has stepped up to take care of the rest of you by providing the Lonely Hearts Valentine’s Day Sampler. The free download features country, rock and blues from their label artists including Robbie Fulks, Wayne Hancock, Old 97’s, Alejandro Escovedo, Andre Collins and Bobby Bare Jr.

Click here for the free sampler.

Bloodshot has two other free “Best of 2010” samplers here and here. There’s a wealth of free MP3s available on Amazon with new promotions every month – bookmark this link for tracking those down.

Now put the sharp objects away and press “play“…


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6 responses to “Lonely Hearts for a Lonely Day

  1. Paul Sikorski

    The contrarian grammarian awakes from his hibernation: *We* are *alone*? As the saying goes, have you got a mouse in your pocket or are you just back from the coronation?

    After displaying such undeniable wit, how can it be that the contrarian grammarian is spending V day sipping Cambell’s tomato soup and watching SU on espn? All right, maybe “we” are alone–me and the Orange. And my mouse!

    Separately, Robbie Fulks’s “I Told Her Lies” is the perfect kickoff for that contrarian collection. Kudos to that assembler/editor.

  2. drbristol

    Contrarian Grammarian? When referencing a group including others I think the plural is acceptable…not sure about rhyming, though. 🙂

    (And I’m a little worried about that mouse in your pocket. Didn’t we used to have rockets in our pockets?)

  3. Paul Sikorski

    Ignoring the rhyme, which was initially an accident, I’m not focusing on the verb. I’m referencing the definition of the word “alone.” To wit: “A group including others” is not *alone*. That’s *group* therapy, not individual. 🙂

    And my mouse, which is wireless and most definitely out of my pocket, just clicked in agreement!

  4. drbristol

    I thought you retired from teaching?

    There’s a 100 unit apartment complex nearby, all studio apartments. I believe each and every one of them live “alone”…yet there are 100 of them.

    You say potato, I say…semantics. :}

  5. Paul Sikorski

    Grammar’s a funny thing. Once you get the hang of it, it never gets out of your system. A quick compliment, and then I’ll let this go (I promise!). For someone who writes as much, and as quickly, as you do, this is a very rare occurrence. I know this is true, because I read every post. I doubt that my own track record would be this good.

    After I retired from teaching, and before I started writing the user manuals, I was a copy editor for the manual writers. (ARRGH, is there no peace?). You can’t match “we,” which is a numerical plural, with “alone,” which is numerically singular. This is arithmetic, not semantics. I’d edit the sentence to read: “…despite your best efforts, you are alone.” “You” is still an implied plural, which accomplishes the psychological bonding implied in the heart of the paragraph. At the same time, I think it makes the whole paragraph more powerful and immediate. (As you can see, I really read this stuff!)

    These are cheap shots from the leisure seats by someone writing slowly under no deadline with no implied obligations to a daily readership. Now that I’ve sufficiently devalued them, take ’em for what they’re worth! 🙂

    Peace, out…

  6. drbristol

    We are impressed by your passion. 🙂

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