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Pimp That Band

Yeah, probably not the slogan they’re looking for.

The brain trust at Rock and Roll Tribe fueled by Belgian ale, it turns out – is offering a platform for members to tout under-known bands to build a groundswell and bring them to the attention of higher powers. And if the powers-that-be turn a deaf ear, at the very least there will be a list of highly recommended artists with links to sounds and videos. Now your search for something new and interesting might be able to focus its scope a little more sharply than…oh, the whole freakin’ Internet.

Grassroots favorites get famous? Yes, RRT knows there will be skepticism. “I know there are plenty of folks who believe that music fans are too apathetic to really get behind something like this.  We think that’s BS, and that we can prove them wrong.  But this has to be a community effort.”

Absolutely right. Every parade starts with one step.

Know a local band who are only held back by anonymity? Nominate them. See a great band passing through your burg who burned the club down? Nominate them. Find an obscure artist’s indie CD in a dump bin and you can’t get it out of your player? Nominate them.

American Idol is only going to produce the next safe bet. It’s up to you, the fringe, to do the right thing. And often.

So click here and start pimpin’.

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