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National Record Store Day is April 16

Saturday April 16 is National Record Store Day.

Used to be that everyone had a great record store story, and I am no exception. But now a whole generation of people have grown up thinking that the record store is located between Appliances and Men’s Shoes at the local MegaSprawl Store. Sad, but true.

That’s why this holiday – yeah, I said it – is important. There are hundreds of live shows, promotions and other celebrations planned and the list grows by the minute. Put down your taxes and head out to your local shop and if you can’t be there, send them an email of support or buy something from them online.

Click here for more information.

Sure, they exist to make money, but record stores provide a cultural service in return. You won’t get that from a soulless chain who impose their religious and political beliefs on art.

So don’t let independent record stores go the way of the dodo.

Strength in Numbers


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