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…on a Sunday afternoon.

One year ago today, against the steepest of odds, The (Young) Rascals reunited in New York City. The show, a benefit concert, was a rousing success and by all indications the band sounded great and were having serious talks about burying the hatchet (and not in each others’ backs, for once) and recording some new tracks.

I haven’t heard much since, but hope springs eternal.

Video: Groovin’

I guess if you hunt around long enough you might find some bootleg audio. There are clips from the reunion, although You Tube is devoid of any full length videos. Since Little Steven was instrumental in getting them to play together, I’m hoping he will help get a DVD of the show released including a documentary about the history of the band. It is a major injustice that they are not revered today; mentioned in the same breath with the biggest American bands of the era.

Video: People Got To Be Free

If you weren’t around when they were in their prime, it’s hard to comprehend what a massive impact they had on the burgeoning pop music scene, especially on the East Coast. Lots of sixties bands have greatest hits albums, but theirs are loaded with bona fide smash singles. They dominated AM radio, but they weren’t afraid to experiment musically or philosophically.

Video: Mickey’s Monkey / Turn On Your Lovelight

So while I wait, I’m blasting a copy of The Ultimate Rascals in honor of the event of a year ago. Hope the four of them are in a studio right now, jamming…

"Everyone learn to live together..."

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