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The End Of The World?

If that nutjob is right, then I guess this is my last blog post.

I don’t think they get Wi-Fi where I’m likely headed. And there was so much more I had to write about, too. Music, film, stand-up comedy, television, the occasional world-shaking event…there’s a stack of subject matter next to me and a lifetime of memories that occasionally fight their way to the surface. I thought I’d have more time. Hell, my softball team is in first place. This isn’t fair.

And I’m pissed – I wasted money on a 2012 Mayan calendar. Now it’s useless.

But I’m going to be an optimist.

I think this whole thing is a charade to promote two classic singles from my youth. Two songs that still are as meaningful today as they were when they first came crackling over that transistor radio hidden under my pillow at night. One that made me melancholy, and one that scared the shit out of me (and still does).

So thank you, old crackpot guy! See you tomorrow.

Video: “The End of The World” (Skeeter Davis)

Video: “Eve of Destruction” (Barry McGuire)

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