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Power Pop Prime

Not long ago I wrote about the sad demise of Not Lame Recordings, as well as the new ventures that Bruce Brodeen was pursuing next. He’s already launched the pop community Rock and Roll Tribe and the countdown is current for Pop Geek Heaven.

Bruce has also been busy writing and editing a series of books about powerpop, one for each of the years that Not Lame was open. I’d tell you at length what that’s all about, but why not hear it from the man himself?

Video: Power Pop Prime

Bruce is right; copies of Shake Some Action are rarely found. It’s not on Amazon, nor Borders, nor Barnes & Noble, nor eBay nor other auction outlets I searched. So while I hope these limited editions wind up in the arms of fans, not investors, no reason a wise powerpop fan can’t be both.

The book goes on sale very soonsign up here!

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