Another Free Sampler!

More freebies!! This year’s sampler from The End Records is an eclectic mix of current artists on their roster. Tracks featured on this compilation come from both current and upcoming releases, plus a special track from Art Brut, not featured on their recently released Brilliant! Tragic!.

Click here to download the sampler for free!

Here is the track listing:

01. “Oh What A Night” || Guano Apes || Bel Air
02. “Dreaming Light” || Anathema || We’re Here Because We’re Here
03. “Unprofessional Wrestling” || Art Brut
04. “Utopia” || Brendan Perry || Ark
05. “Only Man” || Audio Bullys || Higher Than The Eiffel
06. “This Electric” || Badly Drawn Boy || It’s What I’m Thinking
07. “The Great God Pan!” || Spirits Of The Dead || The Great God Pan
08. “Beautiful Now” || James Maddock || Wake Up And Dream
09. “My Foolish Pride” || The Charlatans || Who We Touch
10. “Underneath” || Tarja || What Lies Beneath
11. “The Great Disruptors” || Sweethead ||Sweethead
12. “Wicked Self” || Too Late The Hero || Statement Of Purpose

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One response to “Another Free Sampler!

  1. Michael Toland

    Man, The End has really expanded its scope in the past couple of years. They used to stick strictly with the artier end of extreme metal (and have released some of the genre’s most interesting records). Now they have Badly Drawn Boy.

    That Brendan Perry record is quite good, by the way.

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