I Buried John

Thanks a lot, Paul.

You would think that the backlash from your efforts to change the songwriting credits to “McCartney/Lennon” would have been a clue. But no, you still can’t deal with the fact that although you are likely the most financially successful songwriter of all time, you will never have the social or intellectual credibility of John Lennon. And this won’t help: 

Paul McCartney has spoken once again about the end of the Beatles, this time revealing that it was John Lennon who brought an end to the group.”

Leave it to lame Access Hollywood to ask such cutting edge questions forty years after the fact. But Sir Paul, you should have just shrugged your shoulders, say “asked and answered a million times, uh-huh uh-huh yeah“. And is there even a reason to even sit down with them in the first place?

Let it be, Paul.

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2 responses to “I Buried John

  1. Paul Sikorski

    I’m not sure how badly Access Hollywood butchered the story, but I think this comes under the heading of “no good deed goes unpunished.” I read the full British news story a few days ago, and McCartney was actually trying to set an old wrong to the right. John wanted credit for both starting and ending the band. He quit the band a full month before McCartney’s press release and remained quiet about it only at the urging of the other three, plus their business organization, which was trying to figure out how to deliver the news with minimum economic danger.

    When McCartney’s press release came out, John was truly enraged. First, because he thought McCartney double-crossed him, and secondly because he knew that Yoko would get blamed. Also, FWIW, Ringo was actually the first to quit, during the recording of the white album. He was wooed back with flowers (really!) and the reassurance that Paul wouldn’t record the drum parts just because Ringo wasn’t handy. George quit next, when he was hanging out in California with Delaney and Bonnie. He came back when George Martin assured him his songs would get higher priority. When John quit he was trying to kick heroin and it was for real. He wanted the band ended.

    When John finally got over his anger in the late 70’s, he used to joke that “Paul wasn’t the *first* to quit, he was the *last*!”

  2. drbristol

    I do remember the Ringo and George stories, and John’s ego was as enormous as Paul’s of course. I just feel like 40 years on the horse has been beaten beyond death – it’s glue at this point. And if my rock stars can’t remain a little mysterious, at least do your reminiscing with decent journalists, not on tabloid gossip shows looking for a misleading sound byte.

    Had George joined in the Delaney and Bonnie camp, can you imagine the impact on their mutual careers? And would there even be a Layla? All Mad Dogs Must Pass?

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