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Forward, Into The Past…

We take so many things for granted. And we forget that not so long ago, so many things were very different.

Twenty-five years ago today, a Supreme Court decision made homosexual acts between consenting adults illegal.

 Bowers v. Hardwick was eventually overturned, with the presiding judge stating that  “Bowers was not correct when it was decided, and it is not correct today. It ought not to remain binding precedent. Bowers v. Hardwick should be and now is overruled.”

Next month, gay marriage becomes legal in New York State, the sixth state to pass the amendment. Interesting cluster of states (see map above, details here), resembling most political issues where the coasts and the middle of the country are polar opposites.

I get both sides of the argument. I do believe that everyone should be free to pursue their own religious and social beliefs, regardless of gender. And I can appreciate the fact that religious people believe in the sanctity of marriage as a heterosexual union between man and woman.

But what tips the hand for me is my belief that any union of two people making that level of commitment should receive the same rights, tax breaks and social status. If marriage is such a religious institution…why are we voting on state and federal levels? Faith is a personal pledge that should have nothing to do with politics. It should be the same with love.

And people, we have much bigger fish to fry.

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