Under The Radar: Clashing Plaid

Let me give you my two cents about Penny Collection

Philadelphia based Clashing Plaid is – as their own description aptly reads – three chords and a cloud of dust. Bass, drums, rhythm and lead forging a Stonesy sound that’s not quite punk rock but certainly has more attitude than most radio groups passing for rock’n’roll these days. Sure, the lyrics aren’t poetry away from the tunes, but try a dramatic reading of “Hang On Sloopy” sometime.

Guitarists Andy Watts and Anthony Porter must be huge fans of Social Distortion and The Georgia Sattelites, because their interplay is straight out of their playbook. Watts can shred, and bassist Kenny Seso and drummer Steve Ackerman are rock solid. This is the band’s fifth album, featuring nine new songs and five bonus tracks.

Video: “Remote Control Betty”

I love finding bands like this. Totally unassuming, no frills rock’n’roll – play it loud and make the car windows rattle. Or in weather like this, wake the damned neighbors. It’s a plaid plaid plaid plaid world.

Listen to clips and buy at CD Baby



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2 responses to “Under The Radar: Clashing Plaid

  1. CLASHING PLAID rocks! Thanks for spreading the word!

  2. Steve Eddy (Blue Room Guitars)

    The Plaid are as honest as it gets,no posers,no gimmick,no frills,just straight up,fast forward,bone shaking ROCK!!!! And that would be Kenny “Leso”,thumping out the ever steady,bottom end.Lead guitar Andy Watts with a Doctrine in Rocktrine,Anthony Porter,tunesmith,grooveman frontitude,and Steve Ackerman on the cans,always the most exciting,energetic solo-ing this side of the Delaware River!! Plaid Rocks!!

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