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No American will ever forget where they were on the morning of September 11th ten years ago. Many of us lost people we knew, but the tragedy showed the world how America could put aside race, religion and gender and come together as a people. We saw what real heroes looked like that day, and it’s a shame that the unselfish and giving spirit that came out of tragedy could not have lasted longer than it did. I hope people reflect on that today, while we bow our heads and remember those whose lives were lost and whose families will never be the same.

One of the best things the leaders of the time said was for all of us to get back to our lives; refusing to do so would only mean the terrorists had won. And with the 10th anniversary coming on the opening of the 2011 NFL season (sorry, NFL – Thursday doesn’t count) I plan to spend the afternoon and evening doing something quintessentially American.

What better way to rub the terrorists’ noses in it than to celebrate our freedom?

So fire up the grill, pop open a cold one, put the game on and give those terrorist bastards a twin tower salute of your own.

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