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Under The Radar: Gas Money

Aren't they all, usually?

Aren't they all, usually?

Sometimes something I tout as out from under the radar accidentally slips back under again. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Gas Money’s excellent album Hopeless Love Affair but missed out when their new one was released…I am looking forward to catching up with them via 22 Dollars. But in case you haven’t heard either one, here’s some words about the former…

Imagine Brian Setzer and Johnny Cash met as kids and formed a garage band. Yeah, baby – that’s what Pennsylvania’s Gas Money is all about. Part Bakersfield country, part rockabilly twang, all honky-tonk wonder. Predominantly cover tunes, this is a Route 66 jukebox all the way, with Jimmy Reed, Ray Price, Carl Perkins and Fats Waller among the selections – even a hidden Bruce Springsteen track. Ronnie Allen’s “Juvenile Delinquent” smolders, as does their delightfully off-key swing at Whiskeytown’s “Too Drunk To Dream”.

There’s a touch of the Beat Farmers sound (but not the humor) lumbering under the surface; clearly this a band that feels no boundaries in its scope. The two originals fit well among the mix; one a lengthy country blues, the other a lower-volume guitar rumble. Go hunt this puppy down immediately. This is the kind of record that makes sailing under the radar such a rewarding occupation.


Gas Money website

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