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Kickstart The Standells!

Out of the garage and back into your lives.

Far too often we dismiss a band as one-hit wonders because that’s all we ever hear. I was collecting singles when “Dirty Water” came growling out of the transistor radio in the mid-60s, and the chorus of that song was as much a part of every weekend party as “Shout” was in the 80’s after Animal House revitalized frat parties.

People who never even lived in Boston swore allegiance to The River Charles, but since FM radio hadn’t yet found its footing, The Standells disappeared from view as quickly as The Count Five or Crazy Elephant. Of course, they were making great records before that hit and afterwards as well. But for most people, they were one and done, albeit a great “one”.

Video: “Dirty Water

Now, forty years after their demise, the band is heading back into the studio to record a new album including original songs (click here for a rehearsal video) and a re-recording of one of their vintage tracks that never saw the light of day. Founder Larry Tamblyn and long-time Standell John Fleck are joined by Greg Burnham and Adam Marsland. Tamblyn (yes, Russ’s brother and Amber’s uncle) is pragmatic in his approach to keeping the spirit alive.

The band promises that the new songs will capture the raw, driving sound The Standells were known for back in the ’60s. But in order to accomplish the mission, the band is reaching out for support through Kickstarter.

From the pitch page:

In order to do the music justice, the band wants to record it in the right studio situation – one that is not only state-of-the-art but also has the capacity to lay down tracks both digitally and on tape.  Plus, The Standells will be using an authentic Vox Continental.  The funds raised here on Kickstarter will be used towards those studio costs, tape stock, engineering, artwork, design, CD duplication and vinyl pressing expenses for all those who still love their 45’s and 33 1/3’s

The Standells have learned from experience – No major label suits will be allowed in the recording studio and no producers will be dictating to them what to record. That is why The Standells are using July 4th as their funding deadline.  Independence Day for an Independent Group!

Sounds like a plan! Click here to join the Kickstarter mission!

Video: “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White” (2011 tour!)

The Standells on Facebook

I love that Dirty Water

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Adam Marsland, Still The Renaissance Man

Adam Marsland is one busy mofo.

Just got an email from him with a great offer for those who have not heard or bought his releases. “I’ve been real busy lately with all kinds of projects — putting on Adam’s ’70s show, working with The Standells, producing and recording artists at my studio and doing session and custom song work. One thing I haven’t been doing much lately is my original music, and a lot of my new friends haven’t heard that much of it. With that in mind, I’m doing a limited offer…my last three albums are now available as a threefer deal from my website.”

Between these three albums, you get 57 SONGS FOR $25. That includes postage. $25 out the door gets you:

DAYLIGHT KISSING NIGHT — the 20-song compilation of my best stuff from 1997-2007, all digitally remastered by Earle Mankey.

GO WEST — my 2009 double CD magnum opus. 23 songs, two discs, and a 16-page lyric booket.

HELLO CLEVELAND — the limited edition (489 copies!) “album in a day” from 2010. Impossible to find used for less than full price ($13).

This will get you virtually all of the original Adam Marsland music you’ll ever need…”Karma Frog,” “When I Lied To Everyone,” “My Name Is Jonas Brothers,” “Ludlow 6:18“, “The Big Bear“…pretty much ever original song you’ve ever heard him do live or seen on YouTube is on one of these albums.

The deal is only available for a limited time – go here and click on the link to buy the “57 songs for $25” threefer. Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are all accepted. You can order from anywhere in the U.S. or the world (additional shipping charges apply for foreign markets).

Adam on Facebook and MySpace

And R.I.P. Bill Gallo, columnist and cartoonist. I grew up in New York City and as a child, read the Daily News and Newsday every day before realizing that they were tabloids and not all headlines were so hyperkinetic.

Gallo did the editorial cartoons in the sports section of the Daily News which could be sarcastic, poignant or funny…or all three. His characters like Basement Bertha and Yuchie made concepts came to life. He was also a hell of a writer and not just about sports. Bill Gallo died Tuesday at 88 years young.

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Tuesday’s Mailbag

Just a few things that jumped out at me today…


Last Comic Standing

The fourth round – second for New York City – was broadcast Monday night and contained another mix of established comic veterans and lesser-knowns. As I watched the show I wondered how many “name” comics had possibly lined up to audition and didn’t even make the broadcast (bombed, too stoic, too well-known, etc.). How depressing would that be for a comic vet? Or would it be better to die in obscurity?

Because they’re not going for the whole “vote them off the island” concept this season by eschewing the drama of communal living, hopefully we’re more likely to get to see funny people than those the producers think will provide an interesting mix of personalities. I also wonder, given the scandals of past seasons, how much input the three judges really have and whether there are still a larger group of network people behind the scenes voting.

One thing I have noticed is that the judges seem to be pretty lenient inviting people to the showcase. I was surprised at least half the time when people came out with fairly limp material and got the yes vote. Then again, we might be missing a minute or two of what the judges are seeing because of the broadcast edits.

Married comics Brian McKim and Traci Skene (who manage the Shecky Magazine website) both tried out; he made the cut and she didn’t. They have some interesting info on the whole LCS applicant process on their site, well worth a read.

If you missed it, here’s the summary: Andy Kindler is funny as hell, Greg Giraldo is watching fifty people nowhere near as funny as he is vie for a large cash prize and Natasha Leggero’s boisterous laugh and great looks has every male watching the program twitching (in a good way). And as far as the competitors? My five would have been Mike Vecchione, Kyle Grooms, Myq Kaplan, Nikki Glaser and Carmen Lynch.

Television Without Pity

Eli tipped me to this one as she’s a TV hound; I do pop in there on occasion. But she knows I love awards, even when they’re ridiculous, so their Tubey Awards is right up my alley. Beyond the voting for “Best Drama” or “Best Supporting Actor” there’s also “Most Egregious Product Placement” and “Best Performance by an Inanimate Object” (my vote went to Ron Swanson’s moustache – no contest!)

It’s all in good fun, and even if Bravo and NBC Universal are behind the whole thing, it’s really just a harmless fun site for when you want to get your silly on regarding television.

Adam Marsland’s Blog

Prescriptioneers know that I have great admiration for musician Adam Marsland, a guy who decided long ago that hitting the road and bringing his music to the fans in whatever manner he was capable of was a far better path than sitting in his basement whining about the collapse of the music industry.

The former Cockeyed Ghost leader has circled the country countless times as a solo act, with his full Chaos Band and several configurations in between. And if you know Adam – or listen to his songs – you know that he’s not afraid to tell you what he thinks or how he feels.  From his email:

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about where to go with my life and career the last week or so, considering whether to keep doing original music, and how and where I should do my thing. The biggest decision:  I’m going to start a blog. It’s going to be a diary of my life as a full-time itinerant musician, playing nudist colonies and casinos and state parks and stadiums, the crazy things that happen and the frustrations…and extension of the tour diaries people used to enjoy so much.  I’m going to try to make this a daily thing. My first blog explains the motivations for doing this, and gives some idea of what I’m going to do next.”

I can relate, brother. And 536 posts later, I can tell you that the daily blog is both invigorating and challenging. So welcome to the madhouse, Adam…and good luck!

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Another Alex Chilton Tribute

A week ago Saturday, Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band performed an Alex Chilton tribute show at a club in Marina del Rey and were astute enough to have some cameras rolling.

Marsland, one of the most seasoned DIY tour rats of the past decade plus, has always been a fan of whipping out some great cover songs (he’s been known to take the stage in a variation of Stump The Band, which always produces some eclectic choices). And a few years back he issued an excellent album of Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson songs – live – called Long Promised Road.

Absolutely one of my wish I was there moments, but I’m on the Wrong Coast. And if you also were unable to attend, fear not – enjoy Adam, Evie Sands, Kurt Medlin and Teresa Cowles pay homage to the late, great Alex Chilton via You Tube…

Video: “Soul Deep

Here’s what’s available to enjoy so far; more songs might be forthcoming.

The Ballad of El Goodo (Adam and Evie co-lead)
Soul Deep (Evie lead)
Give Me Another Chance (Teresa lead)
When My Baby’s Beside Me
You Get What You Deserve
September Gurls
Kizza Me
Alex Chilton (Replacements cover)
Jesus Christ
The Worst Thing (That I Ever Did) 

Although that last title is an original, Adam refers to it as an Alex-influenced song. Close enough for me. Here is the link to the video tribute page .

The first post-mortem tribute happened at SXSW, of course, in place of the originally scheduled Big Star show. And just this past weekend another was held at The Living Room in NYC; dozens of others sprang up everywhere as musicians felt the need to tip their musical caps to one of their era’s defining artists. And although essays from famous musicians are turning up in newspapers and magazines as well, praising Alex Chilton is nothing new.

Alex won’t be forgotten because his songs won’t be forgotten. Simple as that.

And yes, it *rocks*.

Hurry up! There were less than five hundred copies made in this limited release of Adam’s newest album, Hello Cleveland. And if you never picked up Go West,  I behoove you to do that as well. All of Adam’s albums can be purchased at the usual outlets or through his website merchandise page.

Adam on MySpace

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Spreading The Chaos

and East...and South...and North...

and East...and South...and North...

With apologies to James Brown, perhaps the hardest working man in show business over the last fifteen years has really been Adam Marsland. A veteran of the LA pop scene and the driving force behind Cockeyed Ghost and later Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band, he grew weary of all the deception and bullshit and false promises from labels and agents and managers and figured he’d do it himself. And when I say D.I.Y., I mean it – it started with couches and floors and car seats and the kindness of strangers and a “can do” attitude that would not quit. And then he delivered what he promised.

Over the years he built a nice little circuit for himself, was performing living room shows before they became commonplace, and still found time to write, produce and record great music, both with his own bands and in the company of some famous musicians.

Now there’s a new double album, and a new tour, and despite the down economy he’s out there doing it again. I’m not his publicist or manager, I just respect the hell out of the guy’s work ethic and figured I’d pass the word. (I’ll review the album later this Summer)

Lots of dates in the books, but some holes to fill, so why not check out the music at the links below and contact him if you have any ideas? There’s got to be some clubs who need a kick in the ass, a living room that needs some fun or a band that needs someone to share a night with?

Grassroots rock’n’roll, people. Gotta love it!

New song:  “When I Lied To Everyone“.

Adam’s main website – a ton of information.

Tour dates and sound clips on MySpace.

Check out some product on Amazon – the greatest hits is a steal!

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