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T.G.I.F. – Ten Elvisisms

King my ASS, Mr. Jackson. THIS is The King.

Happy Birthday, Elvis Presley! I know you’re making the donuts somewhere up in Minnesota and it was difficult to stay hidden when your daughter got married to that pedophile. But you have your priorities, and one of them is not surfacing so they can force you to do a duets album like they made Frank Sinatra do. Good for you, sir.

So as you celebrate your birthday today, allow me to thank you for ten things. I could list more, but the line at Graceland is pretty thick today, even with the snow, and I think those weeping fans deserve a turn too. So for everything you did for rock’n’roll, E…thannkewwvurrrymushhh.

1. Hip Shakin' madness

2. Gave Caddys to your friends

3. Sweet, sweet Priscilla.

4. King Creole. Damn, you COULD act!

5. Made your mama proud.

6. The Billion Dollar Quartet (with inflation)

7. Ann-Margaret. Yeah, you did that too.

8. Gave Kurt Russell the role of his life

9. The great '68 comeback

10. Peanutbutterandbananasandwich

So go listen to some vitamin E(lvis) right now. (That means you, Al and BillyMac.) And most importantly, remember what Mojo Nixon said

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You Say It’s Your Birthday

Are you going to his party party?
Are you going to his party party?
Happy Birthday, Paul.
We’ll still need you, we will still feed you, when you’re sixty four seven.
(You really shouldn’t need to click here.)
Paul cartoon

And, amazingly, born the very same day and year, the legendary Roger Ebert.

Looks like one thumb is down?

Looks like one thumb is down?

Roger is still recovering from surgery which to date has silenced his voice. But Roger’s mind and his pen (well, keyboard) are as sharp and asture as ever. Visit his website for a ton of great information, but don’t miss his blog  – the reader comments are better than most site’s original content.)

Happy Birthday, Roger.

Thanks for a lifetime of passion which continues to enrich so many movie fans.

siskel and ebert

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