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T.G.I.F. – Ten SCTV Skits

SCTV is on the air!

I was discussing a certain popular television show with a friend when I realized I described a character’s demise as having “blowed up real good“. And just like that, we were off on a tangent, talking about all the great SCTV characters and skits we had enjoyed over the years, and what a great and eclectic cast SCTV had. Guy Caballero, Count Floyd, Edith Prickley, Ed Grimley, Sammy Maudlin, Bob and Doug McKenzie, Bobby Bittman, Jackie Rogers Jr., The Shmenge Brothers…an endless parade of weird and wonderful Melonville mania. 

Video: Celebrity Blow Up on The Farm Report 

There’s a whole lot more to Second City than the television show, of course; it has a storied history as one of the greatest comic workshops of all time. Many, many famous people have walked those stages, and the genesis of Saturday Night Live was a direct result of that factory. 

Here’s a great book that you can get used for as low as fifteen cents plus shipping! And of course I’ve touted Jeffrey Sweet’s book  Something Wonderful Right Away in these pages before. 

I’m thrilled that so many comedy troupes and improv companies started getting the respect they deserve, from The Kids In The Hall to Upright Citizen’s Brigade, but I am also a firm believe that we should always remember those who helped blaze the trail. 

So here are ten SCTV skits that show the wide bandwidth of appeal the show had – what a wonderful combination of parody, impressions and out-of-their-mind sketches, all tied back to the central theme of the television station. It would take far too long to go back and re-think what my top ten favorites are, so just take these as a quick sampler rather than a rated list. The SCTV  DVDs are available at very reasonable prices and they will give you years of smiles. 


01The Queen Haters on Mel’s Rockpile 

02Half Wits. A classic game show parody. 

03The Happy Wanderers, Yosh and Stan Shmenge 

04Orson Welles films a commercial with Liberace

05The Great White North – mouse in a beer bottle. 


06Perry Como, Still Alive 

07Jerry Lewis sings Bob Dylan

08Ricardo Montalban School of Fine Acting 

09 Count Floyd and his Scary Stories 

10Battle of the PBS Stars 


More great history at the SCTV Guide pages 

SCTV.org also has some info you’ll enjoy 

Another book: SCTV Episode Guide 

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