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Totally Lost

Countless websites have covered Lost over the years, from ABCsponsored summertime diversions to weekly episode reviews to the endless ether aisles of Lostpedia. It’s impractical to follow several religiously, let alone all, but I’ve whittled my list over the years to a handful of worthy places to share my early morning Wednesday coffee.

When I want to validate something I think took place, see an enlarged screen cap of a pivotal moment or research the endless twine linking characters and events together, there are few better places than SL LOST, Doc Arzt’ Blog, Lostpedia , The Tail Section and LostMedia. When I want to read some feedback from fellow show fanatics, I turn to Alan Sepinwall, Maureen Ryan and especially Doc Jensen.

Jeff (“Doc”) Jensen and Dan Snierson of Entertainment Weekly usually delve into some deep metaphysical wordplay, source countless books and historical events, draw the thinnest of threads into a golden rope and pontificate about ideas so convoluted and outrageous that one could easily contract a migraine just by reading their weekly tomes. Almost instantly, thousands of comments pepper their message board, making it as impossible to follow the reactions as it is to quickly understand their current theory.

But they also give us a weekly video file called Totally Lost that has changed from an initial video podcast version of their column to some of the most outrageously funny stuff on the Internet. And they have really outdone themselves this time, thanks largely to their two special guests Mark Pellegrino (Jacob) and Titus Welliver Smokey/Man In Black/Nameless Brother of Jacob).

Watch Totally Lost…a six-parter this week!

Pelligrino and Welliver get playful discussing their characters in Across The Sea. And after you see What They Died For tonight, join many of your fellow fans online at the sites above to share your thoughts and theories. Remember – you will live together or die alone.

Food for thought…Pellegrino must get confused bouncing back and forth between Lost and Supernatural, since his characters have appeared to be almost polar opposites of good and evil. And as for Welliver – is there a show he isn’t on? The charismatic actor plays recurring characters on Lost, Sons of Anarchy and The Good Wife…none of them particularly righteous, by the way. The man is a busy dude.)

Some fun sites to carry you over until The Lost Weekend:

815 Sentences about Lost

The LOST cast says goodbye to the fans.

Never Seen LostSeason 6 recaps from a person who…well…never did.

Geronimo Jack’s Beard

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Jacob, Oscar and Freebies

Locke invented Team Conan

Lost rang up some well-deserved ratings last night, and the net is abuzz with the latest storytelling vehicle that Darlton has tossed at us. I won’t spoil it for you DVR aficionados, but strap in, baby. Watch here.

For those who did watch last night, you might think you are going crazy. You have plenty of company, so check in with some of the primary Lost blog sites: Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune, Doc Jensen at EW, SL Lost and Alan Sepinwall’s excellent What’s Alan Watching blog. Be sure to scroll through all the comments – some interesting ideas…and some complete nutjobs. 

(Speaking of Alan, he and I share a love for the classic series Homicide. Nice blog the other day from him about that show including clips to the great Crosetti episode. Reminded me how they don’t make them like that anymore, and soon they may not make them like Lost, either. It will be interesting to see whether V and Flash Forward survive to a second season as well as if Fringe can get a third.) 


I’ll have more about the Academy Awards later on, but the nominations were announced yesterday (I thought the Lost feature was more important). With one exception – a swap of one Supporting Actress nominee – they were exactly the same as the Screen Actors Guild nominees in the four major acting major categories. Nineteen for twenty! 

Here’s the link to the official site. More soon. 

And if you’re bored with The Oscars, there are always The Razzies


How about some freebies? For a limited time…while supplies last

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Buy any album from Kool Kat Musik and get a free copy of the Gamilons EP “Blue Whispers“! 

Caveat: The Research Turtles link will simply stop working when it’s no longer available. Please check with Kool Kat prior to placing your order to make certain the EPs are still in stock. It’s a great place to buy music regardless – I am a paying customer, not a sponsor. 

Everyone Pays The Price.

Beware The Lockeness Monster

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Nothing on LOST is ever black or white

Nothing on LOST is ever black or white

Another amazing season finale, and my head hurts from trying to put the pieces together. Lost has been very, very consistent in tying up old threads and closing loops despite an incredibly complex storyline that transcends multiple timeframes and has an interrelated web of characters who cross paths in the flesh as well as in spirit. And creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have juggled the balls honestly – it’s apparent now that those who feared being burned by the implosion of plot details (X-Files alien mythology, anyone?)  will not be disappointed with Lost.

Tonight we finally got to see the mysterious Jacob and how he has already encountered so many of the characters at critical points in their lives. We saw the dynamic of Ben Linus manipulating John Locke reversed…or did we? Ben admits that he rarely tells the truth (“I lied. That’s what I do…”). Josh Holloway as Sawyer has been given a great arc this season, but Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn have been phenomenal; on occasion they put the show on their shoulders and took it to another level.  This is one of those occasions.

People who appear to die…don’t. People who appear to not be dead…are. Not everything is black and white, despite the overt images (remember that famous shot of Locke’s eyes?) There are choices and the inability to choose and the consequences of both. Alignments change. Old friends reappear. And we learn that if we ever need a getaway driver, we’re going with Hurley– he’s much better with the Dharma van than his own car…

Buggin' with Hurley

Buggin' with Hurley

An evening of huge reveals: two locations exposed, a killer twist, revenge and heartbreak, gunplay and deception, and a mindblower of a last scene. We learn how one accident occured but might not understand whether the “incident” would have had the same consequences unless it got a little push.

The Incident was everything you hope for to wrap up one year and set you up for the next. If you haven’t gotten into the show yet, or if you fell off the wagon, use the next several months to catch up on the episodes. Season six – the final season – is primed to be massive.

I don’t want to spoil the episode, and I know I’m going to watch it a couple of more times to pick up things I missed (what happens in the background is often subtle but as important as some things that happen in the foreground). But I will point you towards a few sites where the discussion will he hot and heavy for a while. I’ll be back with my theory another time. Until then, enjoy and namaste


Not everything is neatly buttoned up yet

Not everything is neatly buttoned up yet

 The Tail Section

Doc Jensen from Entertainment Weekly

The LOST Experience

 Doc Arzt’s Lost Blog

Lost Episode Guide (with fan comments)


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