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New Album! Love Messengers

As much as I love new albums, I’m thrilled when seasoned musicians decide to have a little fun and take a whack at some stone cold classics. When a member of the Finnish band Electric Crayon Set had this urge, he quickly rounded up a bunch of like-minded guys and knocked out an album under the guise of Love Messengers.

We Said! We Said! is more hits than misses, and certainly the selection of bands they cover (The Kinks, David Bowie, The Remains, The Pirates) is your litmus test for how much you’d like the album. As is often the case, most covers can’t measure up to the originals or the better known versions; for example, their take on Mike D’Abo‘s “Handbags and Gladrags” pales in comparison to Rod Stewart‘s classic interpretation. But most here are stellar attempts that are not far off the mark. Certainly if you walked into a club and this music was pounding off the stage, you’d be all over it.

Video: “Save My Soul

While it’s not as good as Jo Jo Zep and The Falconscover version, their take of Otis Redding‘s “Security” is drenched in organ fills and sexy background vocals (and frankly, just choosing the song is worth bonus points!). And their take on the Ducks Deluxe classic “Coast To Coast” kicks ass thanks to great organ riffs and ripping guitar solos. Following that with a Dr. Feelgood cover is not only a great 1-2 punch to end the album but perhaps sums up the point of the whole project… “you need 3 chords, fun lyrics, some attitude and that’s it – the essence of rock’n’roll!”

Listen to clips at Amazon.

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T.G.I.F. – Ten Powerful Pub Rockers

Seems like everybody was sick of the radio as the mid-70s approached. Some went underground. Others got back to their roots, whether it was nihilistic and chaotic (punk) or traditional (roots rock). Some literally hit the UK corner bars for an evening of well-played r&b/country blues and rock’n’roll; hence pub rock.

Strip away the nomenclature and you’re back to upbeat, rhythmic, toe-tapping, air-guitar slinging music that will put a smile on your face whenever you slap it on. If there is such a thing as Friday music, this is it.

Perhaps a slight bit of liberty on my part if a few of these tracks are from outside the immortal era; if so, at least the musicians performing the material have validated roots.

So here are ten powerful pub rockers to start your weekend off!

01. Graham Parker and the Rumor:   “Empty Lives

02. Dr. Feelgood:   “Roxette

03. Mickey Jupp:   “Georgia George

04. Eddie and the Hot Rods:   “Quit This Town

05. The Inmates:   “I Thought  I Heard a Heartbeat

06. Ducks Deluxe:   “Coast To Coast

07. The Motors:   “Dancing The Night Away

08. Brinsley Schwarz:   “Surrender to the Rhythm

09. Bram Tchaikovsky:   “Girl of My Dreams

10. Rockpile:   “If Sugar Was as Sweet

Yeah, I know that last band is only one-quarter Brit (two Welsh and a Scot), and for all their related efforts only have one proper album. But pub rock is about the music, not birthplace, and Rockpile was a pub rock supergroup.

Besides, if it was about being in pubs, these would all be Faces tunes, yes?

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