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Free Records Songs

No, I’m not stuttering

You can get free songs from The Records.

John Wicks, lead singer of The Records and co-writer of the hit songs “Starry Eyes” and “Hearts In Her Eyes“, would like to make the summer a bit more special. After all, that’s the time when powerpop sounds best blasting out of car windows (you ear bud people really need to open up your horizons…). And when you talk powerpop, you need to include The Records in that conversation.

From the press release:

For the entire summer, John will be posting a free, rare demo or outtake every week on the band’s Facebook fan page. Starting Monday, June 13, go to The Records’ Facebook page, “like” the page, and you’ll be treated to that week’s feature outtake or demo. Most if not all of these cuts have never seen the light of day and promise to be a real treat, both for those familiar with Wicks’ work as well as those who just dig good, melodic pop of the highest order. Eventually some (but not all) of these tracks will appear on an upcoming CD release.

So if you want to be certain that you get to hear all of them, it’s pretty clear what you have to do. Go here  – click “Like” – then refresh your browser. The mp3 will be available to you…free. Might want to bookmark that puppy and set your alarm for a weekly reminder.

Check out The Records’ main website for news, tour, or any other additional information about the band.

Now get me out of your starry eyes and be on your way.

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Sloan Celebrates Twenty Years

Oh Canada!

Indie powerpop favorites Sloan are set to release their brand new album The Double Cross in May. The title is a nod and a wink to their twentieth anniversary (XX = double cross), a feat that makes me tip my cap in respect…yet makes me feel old.

Our beloved northern neighbors have always sent us great music; Neil Young and The Guess Who were staples of my youth and consistently entertaining artists (Neil, of course, has a streak Cal Ripken would be proud of). But more recent faves like The Pursuit of Happiness and The Odds have not quite caught fire here despite making some of the most infectious and intelligent pop and rock music of their era – more on that tomorrow. Maybe Arcade Fire walking away with the Grammy is a good luck charm and a signal that musical awareness is hip again?

And Sloan is no different, falling firmly into that “how can they not be huge” category in the States. After album after album of great music – featuring the unusual balance of four solid singer/songwriters happily sharing the spotlight – Canadian fans have rightfully tossed out comparisons to the legends, right up to the holy grail of the Fab Four. Maybe hearing “Canada’s Beatles” has caused enough skepticism to scare people away, but this is one time when you should sidestep the hype and listen.

Get yer Sloan on.

I’m still buzzing over the thirty-track Never Hear The End Of It (these boys do have a sense of humor!), and albums like Twice Removed and One Chord To Another should be staples of anyone’s collection. So count me among the geeked. According to the press release, “the band will be celebrating all year long with special shows, an exclusive one-of-a-kind album artwork series and much more“, so stay tuned for some hopefully special events.

Go to their website and start with a free download of “Follow The Leader“.

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