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Adam Marsland, Still The Renaissance Man

Adam Marsland is one busy mofo.

Just got an email from him with a great offer for those who have not heard or bought his releases. “I’ve been real busy lately with all kinds of projects — putting on Adam’s ’70s show, working with The Standells, producing and recording artists at my studio and doing session and custom song work. One thing I haven’t been doing much lately is my original music, and a lot of my new friends haven’t heard that much of it. With that in mind, I’m doing a limited offer…my last three albums are now available as a threefer deal from my website.”

Between these three albums, you get 57 SONGS FOR $25. That includes postage. $25 out the door gets you:

DAYLIGHT KISSING NIGHT — the 20-song compilation of my best stuff from 1997-2007, all digitally remastered by Earle Mankey.

GO WEST — my 2009 double CD magnum opus. 23 songs, two discs, and a 16-page lyric booket.

HELLO CLEVELAND — the limited edition (489 copies!) “album in a day” from 2010. Impossible to find used for less than full price ($13).

This will get you virtually all of the original Adam Marsland music you’ll ever need…”Karma Frog,” “When I Lied To Everyone,” “My Name Is Jonas Brothers,” “Ludlow 6:18“, “The Big Bear“…pretty much ever original song you’ve ever heard him do live or seen on YouTube is on one of these albums.

The deal is only available for a limited time – go here and click on the link to buy the “57 songs for $25” threefer. Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are all accepted. You can order from anywhere in the U.S. or the world (additional shipping charges apply for foreign markets).

Adam on Facebook and MySpace

And R.I.P. Bill Gallo, columnist and cartoonist. I grew up in New York City and as a child, read the Daily News and Newsday every day before realizing that they were tabloids and not all headlines were so hyperkinetic.

Gallo did the editorial cartoons in the sports section of the Daily News which could be sarcastic, poignant or funny…or all three. His characters like Basement Bertha and Yuchie made concepts came to life. He was also a hell of a writer and not just about sports. Bill Gallo died Tuesday at 88 years young.

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Another Alex Chilton Tribute

A week ago Saturday, Adam Marsland’s Chaos Band performed an Alex Chilton tribute show at a club in Marina del Rey and were astute enough to have some cameras rolling.

Marsland, one of the most seasoned DIY tour rats of the past decade plus, has always been a fan of whipping out some great cover songs (he’s been known to take the stage in a variation of Stump The Band, which always produces some eclectic choices). And a few years back he issued an excellent album of Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson songs – live – called Long Promised Road.

Absolutely one of my wish I was there moments, but I’m on the Wrong Coast. And if you also were unable to attend, fear not – enjoy Adam, Evie Sands, Kurt Medlin and Teresa Cowles pay homage to the late, great Alex Chilton via You Tube…

Video: “Soul Deep

Here’s what’s available to enjoy so far; more songs might be forthcoming.

The Ballad of El Goodo (Adam and Evie co-lead)
Soul Deep (Evie lead)
Give Me Another Chance (Teresa lead)
When My Baby’s Beside Me
You Get What You Deserve
September Gurls
Kizza Me
Alex Chilton (Replacements cover)
Jesus Christ
The Worst Thing (That I Ever Did) 

Although that last title is an original, Adam refers to it as an Alex-influenced song. Close enough for me. Here is the link to the video tribute page .

The first post-mortem tribute happened at SXSW, of course, in place of the originally scheduled Big Star show. And just this past weekend another was held at The Living Room in NYC; dozens of others sprang up everywhere as musicians felt the need to tip their musical caps to one of their era’s defining artists. And although essays from famous musicians are turning up in newspapers and magazines as well, praising Alex Chilton is nothing new.

Alex won’t be forgotten because his songs won’t be forgotten. Simple as that.

And yes, it *rocks*.

Hurry up! There were less than five hundred copies made in this limited release of Adam’s newest album, Hello Cleveland. And if you never picked up Go West,  I behoove you to do that as well. All of Adam’s albums can be purchased at the usual outlets or through his website merchandise page.

Adam on MySpace

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