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Two Sides To Every Con

No longer seeing things clearly.

No longer seeing things clearly.

There’s been a ton of press this year about Phil Spector’s conviction and Michael Jackson’s death, and like many of you I have probably plowed through too much of it. Frankly, I’m almost numb to the overkill, and that includes my own screeds on the two pop legends. Both contributed much to the entertainment world, but as people, Jacko and Phil apparently were first-class nutjobs.

But when perusing one of the magazines I write for, I can across two features that somehow view the celebrity behavior issue from a similar angle as well as a polar opposite one. I found both pieces well-written and thought-provoking, although frankly I don’t want to be provoked into discussing either person any more than I have to.

So I figure if you stop here a lot and enjoy my writing, you might enjoy these pieces as well…

The Ultimate Price

King of Hype

(Do Not!) Smell The Glove

(Do Not!) Smell The Glove

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R.I.P. Sky, Angel…Jacko?

Bad day gets worse.

Sky Saxon left this mortal coil. Possible he was only visiting, anyway.

sky saxon


And Farrah Fawcett, the First Angel, now is one. Peace, at last.

farrah fawcett

These things usually happen in threes. I hope I won’t be updating this later.

I’m dreading surfing the Internet over the next few hours.


(6pm update:    uh-oh…) 


7pm: most news orgs confirm story.

7:30PM…People are trying to pile on by claiming Jeff GoldbumHarrison Ford and/or (insert celebrity name here) are dead. Apparently these are people who do not know who Sky Saxon was or did not count Ed McMahon from the other day, and are looking for a third death for their Dead Pool. And yes, Keith Richards is alive. Stop “tweeting”,  you idiots – you’re going to kill the Internet!

Surreal that Jacko died – I must admit my first thought was “publicity stunt”. Some will remember him as a cultural icon; I remember a likeable kid singer who turned into a circus freak. I never owned a copy of Thriller and found it sad that despite his world fame, he had to anoint himself as the King Of Pop rather than have the audience bestow an honor upon him.

But mostly I tend to pity him – by all reports he had a horrible chldhood and an abnormal, freakish adult life. And since only he, the kids and his Maker know what really happened in all those beds full of underage children, that ledger is now being settled by a far greater power than my opinion.


Farrah’s passing – AP story

Sky Saxon website.

Serene Dominic’s “better than Jagger” obit.

Jacko death scare – not the first time. Wiki will clear it up.



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