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Last Comic Standing

Last Comic Standing might be worthy after all.

Thankfully, the format of the show seems to have improved. Reportedly there will be no “comic house” or oddball challenges this year, just rounds of stand-up and voting. I never enjoyed the forced drama of the “house”; it’s gimmicks like that which makes me find reality tv revolting. And while the challenges sometimes forced comics to think on their feet, sometimes they were so absurd that they only made everyone – participants and viewers – uncomfortable.

Craig Robinson, as host, does what Jay Mohr and other prior MCs failed to do – let the comics be the stars of the show. If we really are about to see twenty or thirty comics who have bubbled to the surface we don’t need a five-minute routine from the host. Robinson playfully teases the waiting crowd outside the door and has occasional post-audition banter with a comic. Short and sweet.

To say that the judges’ panel has vastly improved is an understatement. Ross Mark and Bob Read, the qualifying judges on previous shows, were occasionally funny, but mostly came off as tired and cranky. But the trio chosen for this season – Greg Giraldo, Andy Kindler and Natasha Leggero – are consistently funny.

Kindler is one of the most underrated comics working today; he’s subversive, whiny and hilarious with the ability to play broad or subtle. Giraldo has been a favorite of mine since Tough Crowd, and although he shines on Comedy Central Roasts, he never seems to get his due – hopefully this will change. And although Leggero could just sit there and look smoking hot, her turns on Chelsea Lately prove that she can run with the big dogs.

If there is a weakness in the three hours broadcast to date, unfortunately it’s the comedians. There have been some laughs, sure, but very few have distinguished themselves so far, and I’m hoping that the longer routines in the semi-finals will let them shine. Some of them are familiar faces who have already scored album releases and/or televised specials. But that’s no guarantee – some have made it to the next stage (Kirk Fox, Laurie Kilmartin, Shane Mauss, David Feldman), others were cut (Jimmy Dore, Cathy Ladman, Jim David – who has a new album out this month).

My favorites from tonight – Jesse Joyce, Mike DeStefano, Tommy Johnagin, Roy Wood Jr., Kurt Metzger. Last week’s nods go to Kirk Fox, Chris Pope, Jonathan Stymius, Rachel Feinstein and David Feldman. Next week – the rest of the New York auditions. Hope they saved some ringers!

Last Comic Standing wiki.

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T.G.I.F. – Ten More Laughs

Friday again. Long week. Need laughs.

Occasionally I’ve found some great comics and comedy albums just trolling through Amazon, CD Baby and similar sites, something I’ve always done with music. There’s too many acts, too little time, not enough filters. Amazing how much you’ll miss if you don’t do your own digging.

Last week I had some video clips. Here are links to audio clips from ten comics you might not be familiar with.

comedy mask

Jimmy DoreReally?  All Catholics grow up with guilt, a naturally great source of material.

Costaki EconomopoulosC’mon, It’s Jokes  Great writer turned great performer, a career arc that worked well for Woody Allen.

Caroline RheaWhat is it You Can’t Face? Worth it for the Sound of Music joke alone.

Jeff CaldwellI’m No Epidemiologist  I wrote a feature on him a short time ago but he’s worth another plug. Great delivery.

Tom PapaCool, Calm and Collected.  Perfected the self-deprecating angle. Very funny, slick and sly.

Rocky LaPorteWho Knew?   Old school style, like Rodney Dangerfield with ADD.

Alonzo BoddenSeemed Like a Good Idea At The Time.  Not many of the Last Comic Standing people were that funny when all was said and done. You knew right away this guy was good.

Pat DixonWhite Devil.  Rude and crude, but funny. It’s been seven years, Pat – new one please?

Jesse Cash:  Where Are The Bees?  Dysfunctional observational comedy. That’s not a double negative.

Chard HoganChard Remains.  Silly, sarcastic and high energy; lots of short jokes and many hit the mark.

Life is short – laugh every day.


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