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T.G.I.F. – Ten For Todd Rundgren

Might get the chance to see Todd Rundgren again this weekend; he usually breezes through town every eighteen months or so with a different show every time. Being in a secondary market, we don’t always get the premium themed shows. Last time through he bookended a run-through of his Liars album with some classic hits, but bigger cities got a walk-thru of A Wizard A True Star.

This time I was excited to see him because he’s playing the Healing and Todd albums in their entirety…but then found out that our show is called Todd Rundgren’s Greatest Hits. That’s not exactly chopped liver, mind you, but I was looking forward to being part of a cheering throng singing the chorus of “Sons of 1984” and trying to keep up with “Lord Chancellor’s Nightmare Song” (never could, never will). But he’ll dazzle regardless; no doubt alternating ballads and rockers (as I did below).

Regardless, Rundgren is a true rock icon. He turned sixty-three last week and shows no signs of slowing down, let alone stopping. Always a great song interpreter, his upcoming album re:Production will feature covers of songs he produced for other bands. Considering that list includes Meatloaf, The New York Dolls, XTC, Grand Funk, Rick Derringer, The Tubes and The Psychedelic Furs, this could be a lot of fun.

Yet another reason The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is a sham – one of the most prolific artists, producers and innovators of the last four decades has yet to get an invite.

But he’s in mine, so this week’s TGIF offers Ten For Todd Rundgren

(01) – I Saw The Light

(02) – The Very Last Time

(03) – Can We Still Be Friends?

(04) – Initiation

(05) – Hello It’s Me

(06) – Black Maria

(07) – We Gotta Get You A Woman

(08) – Sons of 1984

(09) – A Dream Goes On Forever

(10) – Utopia Theme

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Couldn’t I Just Tell You?

Todd Live 2009

A lot of artists whose careers started in the ’60s and ’70s are now either playing a few select summer festivals, the oldies circuit or not playing at all. Then there are others who continue to write, record and perform with vitality. I saw Todd Rundgren in late October and he is definitely among the latter. My take:

I was apprehensive that Todd Rundgren, now in his sixties, might be moving away from guitar wanking; his last tour in support of Liars found him mostly singing and playing short solos, if any at all. Any fears were laid to rest immediately, as he opened with “Love in Action”, “Black and White”, “Black Maria” and a vibrant “Open My Eyes” before Kasim Sulton stepped up to handle lead vocals on “Trapped”.

Rundgren and band rocked from the outset, and his vocals were more impressive than in recent memory. In fact, he had greater interaction with the audience than he has in years; whether that was genuine fun or a chance to catch his breath didn’t matter.

Read the full review of this live show at BLURT ONLINE.

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