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New Album! Long Arms

Okay, not brand new, but a late 2010 indie is likely new to you.

Long Arms To Hold You is primarily the work of Richmond singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist James Menefee, who apparently did flesh it out in a band format using the moniker Long Arms. This debut album is an infectious swirl of Americana, folk and power pop; the songs are very well-written and the collaboration with producer Pedro Alda yielded an exquisite blend of instruments to support it.

Listen to these songs. Indie my ass.

Video: “Strung Out On You

Judging by the lyrics, Menefee must have been pretty despondent at the time, because the lyrics are confessional and desperate – the dude is hurting. Yet the music is sweet, buoyant and happy, an odd juxtaposition that not many bands can pull off well.

Song like “Strung Out On You“, “Kiss The Bottle” and “So Long And Thanks For The Toothbrush” (that last title is brilliant!) are a tiptoe through the ashes of a break-up. I hear everything from The Byrds to The Jayhawks to The Old 97s in Menefee’s wanting vocals. “The Ballad Of Joni and James” is what “Livin’ On A Prayer” or “Jack And Diane” could have sounded like if Bon Jovi or John Mellencamp had spent any time writing the words.

Video: “Downtown Dreams

This is a massive breath of fresh air and you need to hear this album.

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