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T.G.I.F. – Ten Boston Badasses!

So…they finally caught you, Whitey Bulger!

Imagine how peacock-like the FBI must feel now that two of their top ten have been taken care of. Whitey Bulger was captured after years in hiding, and whatshisname is swimming with the fishes, literally. (Or maybe not, conspiracy theorists!)

Of course, the FBI’s fast-acting publicity campaign that surprisingly ended the two-decade manhunt raises two questions: (1) Umm…why didn’t you try that sooner?, and (2) what is the fallout going to be now that he’s in custody? I remember watching a fascinating documentary about the career criminal, his ties/deals as an FBI informant and the odd situation with his brother. Whitey Bulger is surely sitting on a powder keg of info that could bring the Boston politicians and police to their knees.

Of course, his story was background for The Departed, with Jack Nicholson playing a variation of the Bulger character. They changed enough details to prevent (ahem) character assassination, but those in the know, knew.

So this week’s TGIF is Ten Boston Badasses…must-see films if you haven’t!

(01) – The Departed

(02) – The Town

(03) – The Fighter

(04) – The Friends of Eddie Coyle

(05) – Southie

(06) – Whatever Doesn’t Kill You

(07) – The Boston Strangler

(08) – Monument Avenue

(09) – Gone Baby Gone

(10) – The Verdict

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Golden Globe and BCFA Nominations

Who knew The Tourist was a comedy?

That’s right, it isn’t – it’s a thriller. But that didn’t stop the Hollywood Foreign Press Association from nominating their man-crush, Johnny Depp, as Best Actor in a Comedy for his role in the film.

(Maybe the movie is so bad it was laughable?)

At least they got some things right, like finally nominating Katey Sagal for her career-best performance in Sons Of Anarchy (although the show itself and the rest of the cast got blanked) and remembering to include Mark Wahlberg as a nominee for The Fighter. The Broadcast Film Critics didn’t, even when nominating the film, screenplay and the rest of the principal cast (individually and as Best Ensemble!) and despite many of the categories being expanded to six nominees. Really? Were there that many ties?

The 16th annual Broadcast Film Critics awards, announced yesterday, will be presented on January 14th. Two of the toughest categories will be Best Supporting Actor (Jeremy Renner and Christain Bale likely battling it out) and Best Documentary, where excellent entries range from the overdue and  heartfelt Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work to the somber subjects of Restrepo and The Tillman Story.

The 68th annual Golden Globe awards, announced this morning, will be presented on January 16th. Glad to see that Laura Linney got some props for The Big C as well as Kevin Spacey for his work in Casino Jack. But way, way too many oversights and mistakes for my tastes.

The Screen Actors Guild nominees will be announced Thursday.

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