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T.G.I.F. – Top Ten Albums of 2009

Someone always disagrees

As you may or may not know, scrambling to assemble a Top Ten list of the year for anything is a pain in the ass, since many times eligible films and albums don’t come out until December. For that reason (let’s put procrastination aside for a moment) my deadline has always been Super Bowl Sunday, which use to be sometime in January. This year the Gods of Sport have decided to move the game back into February, probably to pretend its part of the Winter Olympics. And with all the wonderful decisions they have been making, who are we to question the brilliance of network television executives? 

But each year the deadline for the Village Voice gets earlier. So while I am still filtering through decisions on the lower end of the top forty, the Top Ten is cut in stone. (The full list will be available after the Super Bowl.)

I’ve already posted reviews for some of these albums, others will be forthcoming (some are not yet published in the respective magazines they were submitted to). So without further ado, I hereby announce my choices for the Top Ten Albums of 2009: 


One : Love and Curses (The Reigning Sound) 

Two: Lions in the Street (Lions in the Street) 

Three: National Champions (Olympic Ass Kicking Team) 

Four: 1372 Overton Park (Lucero) 

Five: Learning Love (Bobby Emmett) 

Six: More Like Me (Webb Wilder) 

Seven: Tinted Windows (Tinted Windows) 

Eight: Little White Lies (Fastball) 

Nine: Spills and Thrills (John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives) 

Ten: House To House (Tripwires) 


Link to my Village Voice Pazz & Jop ballot

My centricity rating, or how far off center my choices are. (Very


R.I.P. – the Greta Garbo of authors, J.D.Salinger 

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NEW ALBUM! Webb Wilder

There's actually very few like him.

There's actually very few like him.

Webb Wilderlast of the full grown men and all that – has a brilliant new album out called More Like Me. I’ve been a long-time fan of Webb’s bubbling cauldron of roots-rock, surf-rock, country twang, r&b, garage punk, powerpop…oh, damn, the guy can play anything. He cross-pollinates the musical DNA so thoroughly that you’ll just have to strap in and trust him with the wheel.

For me, it all started with “How Long Can She Last?” and I haven’t looked back since. He’s released several strong albums over the years, but this new one might be his best. Read my review of More Like Me in Blurt Magazine.

Who is Webb Wilder?  Damned if I can nail it better than this video.

I guess we should really call this his WEBBsite.

Webb and The Beatnecks rip through Ian Hunter‘s “Big Time”.

Clips and information aplenty at Webb’s MySpace page and Wikipedia page.

The recent DVD Tough It Out captures a great live show and comes with a bonus audio disc. Sweet!

“Work hard. Rock hard. Eat hard. Sleep hard. Grow BIG.

Wear glasses, if ya need ’em…”

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