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Kurt Rolls Over In Grave, Dies Again

Oh. My. God.

Yeahhhhh, Boyeeeeeee!

You Know Who just killed him again!

You Know Who just killed him again!


After you clean out your brain with mental floss, check out the story behind that debacle. But I believe the appropriate Kurt response is right here.

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T.G.I.F. – Mashup!

Puree and Easy

Puree and Easy


Sure, sometimes it comes out like a mess, but often it’s inspired. Here is a ten-spot plus a bonus round – enjoy!


Every Car You Chase

Smells Like Billy Jean

We Will Rock And Roll You In Beverly Hills

Madonna For Nothing

We Will Rock Your Mama

Do You Believe We Will Shake You All Night Long?

Owner Of A Lonely Bad

Toxic Love Shack

Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up

Take Me Out For A Milkshake

Hey We Will Rock Ya

clap fly

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