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T.G.I.F. – Ten Tips For Sanity

Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” (JFK)

You’d probably guess that I’m not a staunch right-wing Republican, but if you have me pegged as a radical left-leaning Democrat you’d be just as wrong. I’ve been an Independent since the age of 18, and while that prevents me from voting in the primaries for the two major parties, it hasn’t stopped both of them from peppering my phone, my email, and my daily life with a flood of nonsensical negative advertising. Really, people – is anyone swayed by these ridiculous scare tactics? If anything it makes me want to avoid the booth on Election Day…but I suspect that’s just what they want.

How sad is it that the only rational bi-partisan discussions of the issues are occurring on a comedy channel? And how ironic is it that the most trusted newsman in America – a title long held by Walter Cronkite – is now Jon Stewart…who is not a newsman?

While I’m no hardcore conspiracy theorist, I do believe that corporations have become more powerful than countries, for they are single-minded beasts focused upon their own survival and they will eat their young to accomplish this. And yes, in a world where money doesn’t talk – it screams – I firmly believe that there are many movers and shakers perfectly content to keep us fat, drunk and happy in front of our televisions and game consoles. The literacy rate in America is frighteningly low, and the isolation of our people through the very technology that was supposed to make our lives better is absolutely terrifying. And there are many who will feed on that weakness to instill fear and panic. And yes, they will eat us if we let them.

I’m amazed at how brazen some of our political crooks have been, and almost as shocked at how dim-witted some of our most popular political wanna-bes are. The job of President has changed from trusted leader to blame victim, where the rocks fly at the pedestal before the winner is even sworn in. I don’t believe that George Bush was an evil man, just a guy in way over his head who was being controlled by more sinister people on the background. And no, Obama is not the Anti-Christ, just a guy trying to solve a dozen crippling problems at once with a lack of support and not enough time. Our problems didn’t appear overnight, and it will take a while to rectify them.

But there is Fox News, spouting hyperbole through the mouths of con artists like Limbaugh and Beck and religious zealots like Hannity. And on the other side, Olbermann and Maddow swat down their foolishness with the same slanted logic and carefully chosen arguments, just from the other side of the coin. Both Fox and MSNBC trot out a legion of experts and analysts who are simply echoing the party lines, and this madness is just escalated to that much more white noise when elections draw near.


If you made it this far, you can read and think, and that’s a lot more credit than you are getting from the panic media. So as we approach this important mid-term election, I encourage you to do just that – read and think – and make up your own mind. Refuse to honor these negative ads. Look at a candidate’s statements and accomplishments. Challenge blanket bullshit statements like “I will cut taxes” and “I will create jobs” – ask how! And then when you get in that booth, enjoy that freedom that our forefathers fought so hard to attain.

Tomorrow is the Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear at the Mall in Washington DC. Maybe there’s one final chance for people to stop listening to the fringe maniacs and realize what we already know – most of us are sane, logical, caring people who love our country and way of life and are tired of being lied to and taken for granted. Whether you learned the lesson 234 years ago or you learned it this decade, remember that we stand together or we perish.

Here are Ten Tasteful Themes for your rally signs…don’t fall for those political Jedi mind tricks!

Let’s keep the scares limited to Halloween where they belong.










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Stand Up Wit…Kyle Grooms

I didn't go to Harvard, I went to Lenscrafters!

"Oh my God! Are those...bears??"

The Legend Of The Jersey Devil is an unusual comedy album that juxtaposes comedy from Kyle Grooms with an extended sketch about The Jersey Devil. While I appreciate the willingness to turn the concept of a comedy album around, I wish Grooms had stuck to the stage material. The sketch – a parody of cheesy monster-alien movies that even pays homage to the Thriller video – never really catches fire and breaks up the momentum of the CD. The stand-up performance, on the other hand, is very good.

Recorded at The Stress Factory in New Brunswick (albeit sounding like excerpts from multiple shows), Grooms plays to a crowd very familiar with the peculiarities of living in the Tri-State area, where Mayors come out of the closet and transport prostitutes across state lines, and you know what Turnpike exit you are at by the smell. Recorded late in 2008, he’s on target with Obama (including a spot-on impression of his grandoise speaking style) and the foibles of urban renewal (my favorite bit is about how different Times Square is now, especially getting your picture drawn).

Grooms drops the f-bomb and the n-worda lot – but because of his conversational style those words roll off the tongue as easily as any other; while I wouldn’t play the CD in a car with small children it’s far from offensive. Conversely, he’s pretty amusing and astute regarding racial issues, from the rules of interracial dating to the real reason white people get uneasy when a black comic zeroes in on the n-word (“you’re just perpetuating the word…and they’re in this room!”). Other great bits revolve around the difficulty in being gangsta with glasses and why Starbucks will fail in the hood unless they change their approach to the customers.

There are some hit-and-miss bits about sex and body parts, but overall he’s got a lot of strong material and is adept at acting out his characters to bring it up a notch. I wish there were more straight comedy and less sketch, but there’s enough solid material on this one to warrant a recommendation.

Kyle’s clips at Rooftop Comedy.

Another clip – with subtitles for you Danes!

Kyle’s website

Kyle on MySpace

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