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T.G.I.F. – Ten CCP Episodes


To honor the fourteenth season of Comedy Central Presents, which kicks off next week (2/19), this week’s TGIF focuses upon ten standout episodes from the past. Many of these are in rotation at Comedy Central but there are no set days and times – the schedule of reruns changes constantly. So set that recorder to grab “all episodes” and you will not only come across these (eventually) but discover a few new favorite comics by accident. I know I did. 

And don’t forget to tune in for tonight’s episode (2/12) featuring clips from the upcoming season, followed by the season finale of John Oliver’s New York Standup with Mary Lynn Rajskub, Chris Hardwick, Greg Fitzsimmons and a feature set by the great Paul F. Tompkins

Below are links to ten comics who might not be household names in the flyover states, but are top-shelf for true comedy fans. Links will take you to their Comedy Central page where there are several video clips available, some from their CCP episodes. I’ve also included a note showing how CCP describes them…and what the truth is

In alphabetical order by height: 

Having a ball isn't a bad thing.


Ian Bagg – Actually, they don’t say much about Ian except that he’s Canadian and from a remote area. Maybe they need better scouting. I say he’s a nutjob with a rapid-fire delivery who will have you rolling. 

Todd Barry – They say he’s cute and adorable. Yeah, like a Doberman puppy! How about sneakily subversive and wily? One of the best minds in the game – dry, droll and lethal. 

Nick DiPaulo – They say he’s a little bit reckless. I call it brutally honest and fearless. In his world there are no sacred cows…there is only hamburger. 

Pat Dixon – They say uniquely off-kilter comedic sensibility. I say incredible wordplay, subtle perversity (and some overt perversity too), great delivery and such an old-school look he should be in black and white. 

Eddie Gossling – I guess they’re running out of adjectives when they call him original, charming, and slightly self-deprecating. How about the guy at work you don’t want to mess with because he might blow his top? (Literally – the teapot impression is a classic!) 

Nick Griffin – They say he’s personal, precise and powerful. Really, CCPalliteration? Why not go with sadness, semen and shame? Griffin nails the middle-age guy who is life’s pinata. 

Lynne Koplitz – They say an accomplished stand up comedian. (Yawn.) I say that she’s proof positive that the phrase “comedy ain’t pretty” is a lie. But be careful – behind that lusty appearance is a killer with a bit of crazy and a filthy streak…you bad girl, you. 

John Mulaney – They say he is nice, kind of tall, whatever. Boy, that nailed it, huh? Mulaney released one of the best comedy albums of 2009; he’s a great writer and should be much better known than he is now. With his skills I suspect that’s only a matter of time. 

Dan Naturman – They say he’s a combination of self-deprecation and downright grouchiness. I say that…yeah, they got that one right. Perfect delivery and funny as hell – Last Comic Standing really blew it when they overlooked him. 

Tom Papa – Ok, CCP, time to hire a bio writer when you describe a guy as a family man. Sure, “observational comic” is an overused phrase, but Tom Papa is animated and smart and cranky and sarcastic. Oh – and hilarious. Opens for Seinfeld and if Jerry doesn’t show up the show still rocks. 

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T.G.I.F. – Ten More Laughs

Friday again. Long week. Need laughs.

Occasionally I’ve found some great comics and comedy albums just trolling through Amazon, CD Baby and similar sites, something I’ve always done with music. There’s too many acts, too little time, not enough filters. Amazing how much you’ll miss if you don’t do your own digging.

Last week I had some video clips. Here are links to audio clips from ten comics you might not be familiar with.

comedy mask

Jimmy DoreReally?  All Catholics grow up with guilt, a naturally great source of material.

Costaki EconomopoulosC’mon, It’s Jokes  Great writer turned great performer, a career arc that worked well for Woody Allen.

Caroline RheaWhat is it You Can’t Face? Worth it for the Sound of Music joke alone.

Jeff CaldwellI’m No Epidemiologist  I wrote a feature on him a short time ago but he’s worth another plug. Great delivery.

Tom PapaCool, Calm and Collected.  Perfected the self-deprecating angle. Very funny, slick and sly.

Rocky LaPorteWho Knew?   Old school style, like Rodney Dangerfield with ADD.

Alonzo BoddenSeemed Like a Good Idea At The Time.  Not many of the Last Comic Standing people were that funny when all was said and done. You knew right away this guy was good.

Pat DixonWhite Devil.  Rude and crude, but funny. It’s been seven years, Pat – new one please?

Jesse Cash:  Where Are The Bees?  Dysfunctional observational comedy. That’s not a double negative.

Chard HoganChard Remains.  Silly, sarcastic and high energy; lots of short jokes and many hit the mark.

Life is short – laugh every day.


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