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USA – (PBS + NPR) = WTF?

Really? We need to cut spending and this is where we start?

Why is this even a left vs. right issue anyway? Isn’t it appalling enough that your elected officials – supposedly representatives in the full sense of the word – align and vote according to party lines rather than for their constituents? Are there really communities of people who don’t want the availability of television (PBS) and radio (NPR) that is not owned and operated by a corporation’s political contributions? FOX shills for the right, MSNBC shills for the left, and those seeking unbiased reporting about America have to turn to the BBC?

PBS is a proven source of educational programming whose effects upon participants is well documented. Programs like Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow revolutionized the way television could be used to jump-start a child’s ability to grasp and learn fundamental skills. Granted, the issue is not targeting specific programs but the funneling of public money to arts channels. But those matching grants and supplemental contributions are often the difference between whether a program gets made or not. And with the economy in the toilet, public contributions are down, because people cannot afford to be as generous.

But those people aren’t buying twelve hundred dollar hammers or giving themselves lifetime perks of retirement funds and health care (that they deny to the very people who elected them to serve). These contributors are mostly people like you and me trying to heat our homes and put food on the table.

I’m sure I could find fat on the bone somewhere else. So can you.

I mean, what has to be done to convince these political dunderheads that our failing educational system is an integral part of our fall from grace (right alongside corporate greed, public indifference and the insistence on propping up governments around the world to support our corporate interests while our own population is underemployed, hungry and in need of basic human services)?

Do I have to type shorter sentences?

Do I have to sign yet another petition?

Does LeVar Burton have to appear on Community to remind us how we didn’t save Reading Rainbow?

Or can we perhaps just get it through our thick skulls that the very name “Corporation for Public Broadcasting” is an oxymoron? Maybe we don’t need to cut funding, but to fund better?

Maybe Congress should be spending some time figuring out how to better fund and manage an institution that is supposed to service the entire country by providing funding to “promote ideas and perspectives that are ignored or underrepresented in the commercial media“.

Of course that would mean Congress has less time to pointlessly witch-hunt Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, but dammit, sacrifices must be made.

If you want more information or want to get involved, click here.

Today’s topic was brought to you by the letters E-L-I.


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Roger Wilco

There’s good news and bad news.

Misremember The Alamo!

Misremember The Alamo!

ROGER Clemens is out there once again picking the scab of his reputation, and at this point I doubt even his mirror believes him. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a guy self-immolate so quickly and thoroughly, and even those who were on his side had to cringe when the marital issues started floating to the surface.

What’s worse – the fact that he had his wife drop her drawers so his trainer could inject her in the butt…or the fact that he offered that lovely factoid up to defend himself? Nice dress, Mrs. Clemens – are those tire tracks?

Wilco is humping their new record a month prior to the street date

Wilco is humping their new record a month prior to the street date

WILCO, on the other hand, decided to start streaming their new album on their website…although if you are using Internet Explorer for your browser, results are not always guaranteed. After much debate, the band settled on the brilliant title…uhh…”Wilco”.

Vinyl and CD hit the street next month – here’s the tracklist:

Wilco (the song)
Deeper Down
One Wing
Bull Black Nova
You And I
You Never Know
Country Disappeared
I’ll Fight
Sonny Feeling
Everlasting Everything

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Opening Day, 21st Century $tyle

Bud Selig screws up another tradition.

Bud Selig screws up another tradition.

Once upon a time, one cathedral was lit before all others, and it was in Cincinnati…the reward for the Reds being the very first franchise. Now because it’s not about the tradition but only about the broadcast contract, the advertising dollars and the marketability of the product (nee “sport”), the season opens with ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. How sick is it that on only four hours prior to the first official game of the season two other teams are playing an exhibition game? On the same day! Equally ridiculous is calling Sunday “Opening Night” and Monday “Opening Day”. Feh.

But yeah, I’ll watch. I’m an addict. And for all the coddled millionaires (A-Rod) who flock to cameras like moths (Schilling) or act like they are above reproach (Clemens) there are amazing new stars in the making (Lincecum) and great stories (Tampa Bay Rays).

But this isn’t a sports blog; I do that in the Houston Chronicle here and here. Yes, although born and raised and always residing in New York, I root for the former Rainbow Warriors – now the Blood and Mud – the Houston Astros. And in New York…no, that’s not easy to do.

(There’s a hush in the room as Bill enters the meeting, stands at the podium and speaks…) “My name is Bill (Hi, Bill!) and I’m a lifelong Astros fan. They have broken my heart often, but especially in 1980 and 1986 and 2005.”

Diamonds truly are forever.

Diamonds truly are forever.

But baseball is wonderful. Follow your team’s season here and look up any stats you want herePlay ball!

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