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T.G.I.F. – Ten Comics You Should Know Better

There has been far too much death this week, we need to lighten it up a bit. Here’s ten clips from comics that you need to know better – some jokesters, some observational behavior musers, some raconteurs. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Jamie Kilstein – “Because Jimi could get you pregnant just by looking at you”

Darren Frost – “If you’re 14, and don’t know four minus three is one…”

Paul F Tompkins – “Because the idea of sweating appealed to me!”

 Tom Rhodes – “They need more rides over in Mecca”

Jim David – “Lady, does it look like my fucking parents are home?”

Rick Shapiro – “But you took it, because you were Fonzie”

Jen Kirkman –  “I just can’t think about Johnny Depp in a vacuum!”

Sean Rouse – “It used to be just a couple of eggs in a pan”

Andy Andrist – “You’re not ready to kill until you’re about 35…”

Wyatt Cenac – “What’s the easiest way to get rid of your accent? Deport me”

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Stand Up Wit… Josh Blue

"What are you gonna do, kick my ass? That's not something you canbrag about!"

"What are you gonna do, kick my ass? That's not something you can brag about!"

 “I realize that people are going to stare so I want to give them something to stare at.”

Josh Blue was the winner on the fourth season of Last Comic Standing, where his personality was as endearing as his material was hilarious. Every competitive program has sentimental favorites, but here was a case where the person everyone was rooting for was also clearly the funniest person in the room.

Much of Josh’s act is naturally centered upon his disability, where he takes turns mocking his own limitations and exposing the ignorance of people who treat palsy sufferers like they are simpletons. He’s so genuinely accommodating and hilarious about the consequences of his physical limitation that you forget you are basically laughing at the misadventures of a cripple…until he slyly reminds you that you’re all going to hell for doing just that. (Really, aside from Sean Rouse, what comic could go there without getting attacked by the audience?).

Josh on his marriage and the recent election.

Good Josh, Bad Arm (Josh’s first CD) contains some of the routines he debuted on Last Comic Standing. Being stared at constantly, cripple pick-up lines, cops always thinking he’s being drunk (“you should have seen them try to handcuff me!”), being drunk (Mom asks “Josh, are you walking straighter?”), the joys of riding on the city bus, and his adventures with the US Paralympic Soccer Team (“there is nothing more entertaining than watching twelve guys with Cerebral Palsy run through an airport!“) And since he takes his own shots at himself (like when he compares himself to a human Muppet), his attacks on those who condescendingly patronize are that much funnier.

His DVD 7 More Days In The Tank (a takeoff on his routine about being picked up by the police and hustled off to the drunk tank) is a different show, although also recorded in Denver. Some of the material repeats between the two, but it also gives a clearer indication of his ability to interact and improvise with the crowd. A thirty minute bonus performance, Blue At The Zoo, is also included.

Talk about making lemons into lemonade…Josh is also a talented painter and writer as well as a successful comedian and athlete. He continues to tour extensively, often working with local organizations to promote the message that people with disabilities can make an impact. Until he hits your town (and hits on your woman), check out Good Josh Bad Arm and 7 More Days In The Tank.


Josh’s “audition” for the GEICO Caveman commercial.

No, he wasn’t making that up – he’s a forward on the Paralympics Soccer Team.

Heyyyy, buddddyyyyy! Josh’s official website and his MySpace page.

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