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Stand Up Wit…Adam Carolla

I’ve never been a big Adam Carolla fan.

I always found Carolla to be a bit smug, although in fairness it’s pretty much the role he was playing on such highbrow fare as Loveline and The Man Show. And frankly, people like Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil (never trust a doctor with only a first name, says Dr. Bristol) are as twisted and codependent as their idiot callers and guests. Carolla just played the bystander who was really pity-mocking the poor saps on the help shows and doing what any overgrown adolescent would love to do on The Man Show…if they had the freedom and the budget.

But Carolla’s book In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks is pretty funny, because he remembers the first rule of comedy – make yourself a target as well. That way no matter how petty or whiny or condescending you get, you’re really saying “I know, right?” rather than defending your lofty perch. There is no shortage of people, institutions and concepts to attack, and Carolla does so with vigor.

The book reads like a collection of related thoughts rather than a narrative flow, which is perfect for bathroom reading (coincidentally the subject of chapter 7), and his rambling observations and caustic asides are peppered with anecdotes involving some of his famous friends, most notably Jimmy Kimmel. Some fo it is a little whiny and pretentious, but a lot of it is pretty damned funny.

Read excerpts here.

But he has a point – look at that cover picture and focus on your first thought. That’s right – biker leather no longer makes you think of tough guys like Marlon Brando or Lee Marvin…you think Village People. When did that happen? The book is loaded with observations that wonder aloud when common sense took a backseat to popularity, and why celebretards – people famous only for being famous – should be worth anyone’s precious time.

I won’t go back and watch The Man Show (and I like Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope even more than I like Jimmy Kimmel), and I’d take a bullet to the head before watching something like Loveline. But if I ever see Adam Carolla, I’m going to buy him a beer, or ten.

And I guarantee it won’t be light beer

Smug as a bug in a rug

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Doug Stanhope Takes No Prisoners


I dunno…No Refunds isn’t brand new by any stretch of the imagination, but every so often I need to remind You, The People Of Earth that Doug Stanhope walks among you and you should appreciate him while you can.


On the surface, one might see Stanhope’s act and peg him as self-depricating, disheveled, dark, fairly buzzed and either spontaneously vulgar or a possible Tourette’s sufferer. Most of that is probably true.

But within (and beyond) that persona is an absolute master of pacing, timing, inflection, volume and gesture. Add caustic wit into the mix, also fearless social critic, and oh yeah – brilliant and imaginative writer. And on his most recent effort, No Refunds, he once again hits the (often uncomfortable) bulls-eye. If your idea of hilarity is Carrot Top or Larry The Cable Guy, odds are you won’t like this. (Matter of fact, the odds are even greater that you are the topic of some of the jokes.)

Stanhope is absolutely not for everyone – but then neither was Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison, Lenny Bruce or any of the great ones. Savor the ability to watch a comedy genius in his prime, even if you might be the only one on your block who’s clued in.

And if your only exposure to Stanhope is from (cough…paycheck!) Girls Gone Wild or The Man Show, hose out your head and start fresh. His comedy recordings and shows are completely different; you get the real guy with no training wheels or seat belt. Seek out No Refunds and his other DVDs as well as all of his CDs, especially Something To Take The Edge Off and Die Laughing.  Come on…the guy even baits pedophiles online. Gotta love that.

Doug Stanhope takes no prisoners. Likewise, you don’t have to settle for pablum comics.


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