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What Decade is This, Anyway?

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel...dizzy?

Seems like a lot of famous bands from my wonder years want to get one last album out before the world explodes into dust in 2012. Probably time for an arena tour too, although I don’t know why they’d need all that cash. Don’t you only need new Nikes and a roll of quarters to board the spaceship?

I guess what triggered this post today was remembering that The Cars are regrouping and releasing a brand new album (Move Like This). Now a quartet since Ben Orr is no longer with us, the band decided they didn’t want to bring in any outsiders. Well, that’s their take on it with Ric Ocasek in the fold, anyway; they are conveniently not mentioning a failed experiment called The New Cars. But that’s just picking nits.

Videos: The Cars – Blue Tip” (full song), “Sad Song” (clip),  “Free“(clip)

And it doesn’t end there. Steve Miller resurfaced with Bingo last year after a very long hiatus, and now he has another called Let Your Hair Down. Former Babys and Bad English frontman John Waite is releasing Rough and Tumble, pouting puss and all. The New York Dolls continue their rebirth (albeit with another change in band members) with Dancing Backwards In High Heels, and R.E.M. has Collapse Into Time.

Low Country Blues is Gregg Allman’s first solo release in fourteen years. Paul Simon will turn seventy this year (!) but So Beautiful Or So What ends five years of (sounds of) silence for him.

More recent bands are also ending extended vacations. The Strokes have their first in five years as do the Foo Fighters, and Radiohead ends an even lengthier one with The King Of Limbs. Social Distortion has already blazed back on the scene with Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, and most of Oasis is back under the name Beady Eye.

Video: Beady Eye – The Roller

And even artists I avoid like Duran Duran, Stevie Nicks and Edie Brickell are taking another shot. (Brickell nauseates me so thoroughly that I’m not even providing a link.)

Amazon is even dangling an order for Robin Zander’s Countryside Blvd for the third year in a row. I’m starting to think there’s really no album at all. Look at that album cover – maybe he’s just mocking Toby Keith. Ludicrous suggestion? Anything is possible – remember, this really happened.

Hey kids, rock and roll. Rock on.

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Under The Radar: The Everyothers

Gum courtesy of PhotoShop

Gum courtesy of PhotoShop

Even if this EP sucked, Pink Sticky Lies has got to be one of the best album titles in recent memory. Thankfully the record is worthy of its name.

Owen McCarthy must have gotten his ticket punched at Iggy School, but I mean that as a compliment. (At least that sounds better than Bowie aping INXS, which sounds better than it looks in print.) His songs blend catchy, straight ahead rock with toned-down glam sheen, resulting in infectious, memorable songs. He’s also smart enough to be a playful and variant vocalist, like the way he jacks up the vocal cadence on the chorus of “Something Wrong”. It’s an impressive and irresistible theatrical effect that could slide right onto the soundtrack of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and it would fit hand in glove.

The Everyothers quietly released a solid record in 2003 that got many spins on my player, and like so many other good bands, I feared they were one-and-done. This five track teaser from 2006 is more than reassuring, but I need more and I need it fast. Give me the record I can shut The Strokes up with, please!

(Hmmm…I see a pattern…2003, 2006, 2009?)

Got a penny? Buy their first album on Amazon.

Hear The Everyothers at their MySpace site.

Video for “Ticket Home” plus two others here.

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NEW ALBUM! The Datsuns

Calm down, gebts - that's not what you think it means.

Easy, gents - that doesn't mean what you think.

Fourth album from the New Zealand rockers, and thank god some of the young pups are breathing some fire into their rock’n’roll. Earlier this decade they shot out of a cannon with their debut record, caught up in the feeding frenzy when Jet, The Hives, The Strokes and The White Stripes and other similar bands managed to infuse hard rock with garage chops and punk attitude and whet the appetites of the labels. With Led Zep’s John Paul Jones at the knobs for the followup, everyone expected worldwide domination.


Sophomore slump be damned…Outta Sight Outta Mind wasn’t a bad record but seemed to douse whatever flames were lit beforehand. Soaked badly enough that their third album (Smoke &Mirrors) didn’t even register – many people thought they were two and done. So I guess this time around The Datsuns figured they’d torch the place.

Read my review of Headstunts in Blurt Magazine.

Wikipedia entry for The Datsuns.

Yeah Yeah, Just Another Mistake“, live in March 2009.

No way this song gets on morning radio. But props for covering The Ramones.

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