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New Album! Gaslight Anthem

I’m excited about this one.

It’s rewarding to  see talented, hard-working bands with an edge making a dent in a Lady Ga(g)Ga(g) world. I really liked the prior release but was especially blown away when I saw them tear the roof off a local concert club.

Read that live review here.

From the Side One Dummy press release: American Slang is set for release in the U.S. and Canada on June 15th, and around the world that same week. Produced by Ted Hutt (who produced the band’s acclaimed second album, The ’59 Sound, American Slang heralds a dramatic leap forward for The Gaslight Anthem…the spirit of soul and the artistic adventurousness and impressive confidence of a band that has come into its own and found its own voice.

The Gaslight Anthem is Brian Fallon (vocals/rhythm guitar), Alex Rosamilia (guitar), Ben Horowitz (drums) and Alex Levine (bass). The first single off the album, the title track “American Slang”, is also currently streaming on the band’s Facebook and MySpace pages.

Very cool tune; anthemic as usual for them. Listen to it here.

Here’s the full tracklist:

1. American Slang
2. Stay Lucky
3. Bring It On
4. The Diamond Church Street Choir
5. The Queen of Lower Chelsea
6. Orphans
7. Boxer
8. Old Haunts
9. The Spirit Of Jazz
10. We Did It When We Were Young

Official Website

Download Live At Park Avenue from ThinkIndie

Not my little secret any longer.

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