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T.G.I.F. – Ten…Things

As you know, I’m usually thematic on Fridays with the TGIF feature. Ten comedy clips, ten classic bands, ten awesome artists…whatever. Mental alliteration. Synergy. Symbiosis.

But today my brain is a mess. I’m juggling three people’s worth of work, I’m already sinfully behind on a couple of projects for this site and my weekend is already overloaded so badly that only Red Bull and Deus ex Machina can save me. (That’s right – not one, but both.)

Remember that frog in the blender game? This week, I’m the frog.

So here are ten…things…that I’m excited about right now.

* Alternative Press Turns 25! It’s damn hard to keep a magazine afloat twenty-five weeks let alone twenty-five years, so this is a major milestone. Congratulations! (Full disclosure – never wrote for them, never was asked, never asked them if I could.)

* Rod Stewart: Sessions. I was supposed to get a copy of this last Fall for review and it never arrived. I waited and waited – didn’t want to drop $50+ if I didn’t have to – but it never arrived. Finally plunked the scratch to buy a copy and it is magnificent – how great he once was. (Please Rod, no more smooth rock!)

* Goodbye, Jack Bauer. What an incredible run 24 has had. Yes, Jack, I wanted to see Kim eaten by that mountain lion, and Tony had more lives than Patchy on Lost, but you can have my back anytime. Congratulations on a great saga – see you on the big screen!

* There’s a new Marah album! June 22 sees the release of Life Is A Problem, which should prove to be a highly unusual album from success-avoiding Marah, recorded in rustic settings with odd instruments and released on download, vinyl and cassette – no CD! The almost all new band lineup will hit the road in June. And how will they conspire to bollocks it up this time? We wait with baited breath.

* Thriller is coming to DVD! No, not that dance pop disc by Captain Plastic Surgery…the classic TV series hosted by Boris Karloff! Finally!! Boomers will plotz when they see this!

* Lost: The End. Yep, six seasons later, the saga of the plane crash survivors comes to an end in what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest television events of the decade. Don’t call me Sunday night.

* The World According To Sawyer. Okay, that’s two Lost references, but Sawyer’s many nicknames were a hilarious part of the show.

* The Exile On Main Street documentary is coming! “The wild nights, the orgies, the drug-taking. I remember it well,” reflects Mick Jagger. (Well, if you can remember it, how good could it have been?)

* Kevin Costner is going to save the world! Well, actually it’s his smarter brother who had the oil spill idea. (But how smart can he be if he let Kevin make Waterworld?)

* Mark Bacino has a new album! One of my favorite power-poppers; great singer, songwriter and performer. Check out Queen’s English at his website. Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

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Stand Up Wit…Kyle Grooms

I didn't go to Harvard, I went to Lenscrafters!

"Oh my God! Are those...bears??"

The Legend Of The Jersey Devil is an unusual comedy album that juxtaposes comedy from Kyle Grooms with an extended sketch about The Jersey Devil. While I appreciate the willingness to turn the concept of a comedy album around, I wish Grooms had stuck to the stage material. The sketch – a parody of cheesy monster-alien movies that even pays homage to the Thriller video – never really catches fire and breaks up the momentum of the CD. The stand-up performance, on the other hand, is very good.

Recorded at The Stress Factory in New Brunswick (albeit sounding like excerpts from multiple shows), Grooms plays to a crowd very familiar with the peculiarities of living in the Tri-State area, where Mayors come out of the closet and transport prostitutes across state lines, and you know what Turnpike exit you are at by the smell. Recorded late in 2008, he’s on target with Obama (including a spot-on impression of his grandoise speaking style) and the foibles of urban renewal (my favorite bit is about how different Times Square is now, especially getting your picture drawn).

Grooms drops the f-bomb and the n-worda lot – but because of his conversational style those words roll off the tongue as easily as any other; while I wouldn’t play the CD in a car with small children it’s far from offensive. Conversely, he’s pretty amusing and astute regarding racial issues, from the rules of interracial dating to the real reason white people get uneasy when a black comic zeroes in on the n-word (“you’re just perpetuating the word…and they’re in this room!”). Other great bits revolve around the difficulty in being gangsta with glasses and why Starbucks will fail in the hood unless they change their approach to the customers.

There are some hit-and-miss bits about sex and body parts, but overall he’s got a lot of strong material and is adept at acting out his characters to bring it up a notch. I wish there were more straight comedy and less sketch, but there’s enough solid material on this one to warrant a recommendation.

Kyle’s clips at Rooftop Comedy.

Another clip – with subtitles for you Danes!

Kyle’s website

Kyle on MySpace

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R.I.P. Sky, Angel…Jacko?

Bad day gets worse.

Sky Saxon left this mortal coil. Possible he was only visiting, anyway.

sky saxon


And Farrah Fawcett, the First Angel, now is one. Peace, at last.

farrah fawcett

These things usually happen in threes. I hope I won’t be updating this later.

I’m dreading surfing the Internet over the next few hours.


(6pm update:    uh-oh…) 


7pm: most news orgs confirm story.

7:30PM…People are trying to pile on by claiming Jeff GoldbumHarrison Ford and/or (insert celebrity name here) are dead. Apparently these are people who do not know who Sky Saxon was or did not count Ed McMahon from the other day, and are looking for a third death for their Dead Pool. And yes, Keith Richards is alive. Stop “tweeting”,  you idiots – you’re going to kill the Internet!

Surreal that Jacko died – I must admit my first thought was “publicity stunt”. Some will remember him as a cultural icon; I remember a likeable kid singer who turned into a circus freak. I never owned a copy of Thriller and found it sad that despite his world fame, he had to anoint himself as the King Of Pop rather than have the audience bestow an honor upon him.

But mostly I tend to pity him – by all reports he had a horrible chldhood and an abnormal, freakish adult life. And since only he, the kids and his Maker know what really happened in all those beds full of underage children, that ledger is now being settled by a far greater power than my opinion.


Farrah’s passing – AP story

Sky Saxon website.

Serene Dominic’s “better than Jagger” obit.

Jacko death scare – not the first time. Wiki will clear it up.



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