Dr. Who?

That would be me, Dr. Bristol.

My obsessive odyssey into the music world began in 1957 when my mother noticed me responding to the song “Little Star” by The Elegants and bought me the 45. Unfortunately, I was only three and did not yet own a turntable, but I remember that it tasted great. This simple act of kindness led to years of voracious sampling of music of all kinds, a hobby that drained all my allowance, newspaper boy savings and college loan funds. Thanks, Mom.

The “death of vinyl” can be directly traced back to my series of frantic telephone calls to music labels in 1989 alerting them that I was running out of storage space. Now older, wiser and poorer, my mission in life is to allow my readers to tune into that great radio station that lies between my ears.

But don’t mess with the knobs.

4 responses to “Dr. Who?

  1. I guess Cpt Beefheart was already taken!

  2. drbristol

    …as was Smokey, the pen-name used for the underground paper I published in High School. I guess it’s a sign of aging when you stop getting nicknames. (Well, besides the derogatory slurs from angry exes…)

  3. Welcome back…admittedly, my huzzah’s a little late…

  4. David Laing

    mr holmes, I’d love to send you the Hot Knives album (Tim Lynch and Danny Mihm of the groovies). email at david.laing@fusemusic.com.au with your address please!

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