This page is basically a placeholder for the stuff that doesn’t fit neatly somewhere else.

Can’t have clutter in the hallway, can we? Here are a few articles written for other magazines, now defunct, but their corpses still float in the ether…


  • I was way ahead of the curve on the Mickey Rourke Redemption thing.


  •  An interview with Peter Wolf. Deej and Louise of Cosmik Debris always made my features come to life with creative formatting.


  •  The Herman Brood obituary. Never heard of him? You’re missing out on one of the great ones…I’ll put Cha Cha up against any live album you can name:


  •  Alice Effin Cooper interview. I go all fanboy at the end but Coop lets me off easy


  • A rundown on Enuff Z’Nuff written in 2002; sadly it’s almost current. 



5 responses to “And…

  1. a.t.

    You missed –

    Mickey Rourke in “Get Carter”
    A good movie – with Sylvester Stallone, Alan Cumming, John McGinley, Michael Caine & Rachael Lee Cook.
    Mickey’s powerful and menacing – Scenes of brutal, realistic violence (and humor).
    One of Stallone’s best roles. I say this knowing many of you (You culture snobs know who you are) dismiss him – but at the same time realizing that this is damning with faint praise. (The Tallest Mountain in Iowa…. Vanilla Ice’s Best Album… Ann Coulter’s Most Reasonable Argument…)
    Underrated movie – not just a Stallone vehicle. And yes – I also saw the original… This is better.

  2. drbristol

    I did see GET CARTER and Sly was good. Not COPLAND good, but better than most of his recent choices. My two lasting memories about that film are Sly’s awful shiny silver suit (yes, I know he’s supposed to be like a shark, you don’t have to drop a Wile E Coyote anvil on my head to make that point) and my amazement that he didn’t snap Alan Cumming in half within thirty seconds of his first appearance.

    I probably could have slipped this into the “ones you probably missed” category for Mick as it wasn’t among his better work for me. Looks like Mr. Comeback is repaying the Sly favor by signing up for the new testosterone fest THE EXPENDABLES. Wonder if there will be ten lines of collective dialogue or just gruntin’n’shootin!

  3. swamic

    Doc – Not sure how to do this.
    Check these tunes.
    If this is not the way to ask,
    I’ll ask which is the right way to ask.

  4. Hello Doc;
    I thought I might correct you on your efforts to dissect origins of bands but from 1998 to 2006 I was indeed the singer of Vanilla Fudge with 3 original members, Carmine, Vince, and Tim because Mark was unable to attend and gave me his blessings to allow the 3 original members to continue. I care not how you may or may not feel about me personally but I thought I might just correct you while you were trying to degrade Vanilla Fudge by implying it was a Carmine creation. That statement could not be any more inaccurate as you calling yourself a Doctor. No problem! Sincerely, Bill

  5. drbristol

    Hi Bill:

    I wasn’t trying to degrade Vanilla Fudge – I grew up with the band – but it wasn’t as if you stepping in was the only change in the lineup over the years. When interviewing Carmine I asked if the myriad of players listed in source sites was true (as I was unaware of people like Derek St. Holmes and T.M. Stevens being members at one time) and he said it was. In fairness to you, your tenure was significant and deserved more than a passing reference, and for that I do apologize; you have had a longer stint than anyone except the founding members. Carmine does have a way of moving his energy from band to band to band, which is good for him and sometimes not so good for people hoping one of those bands (i.e. Cactus) is legitimately a full time operation.

    As for that night’s performance, it was just an honest reaction to what I heard. You’re an accomplished musician and singer, but that was not a strong set that evening. As I stated, it was hopefully an off night for the band and I was looking forward to seeing the band again. As it turned out, I didn’t get to see that lineup again, but did see the multimedia show with the original members.

    I appreciate the correction and your opinion, and wish you well.


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